What does an Airific mask protect from?

The Airific mask’s advanced technology protects you from >99% of particulates and contaminants.

What is the Airific mask made of?

The Airific is a 3-layer mask.

The middle layer is an electrospun nanofiber filter which captures all airborne particles — even the smallest particles. It is certified to filter down to 100 nanometers (0.1 micron) with a 99% filtration efficiency.

Nanofibers are incredibly small fibers whose cross sections have diameters that are less than 1/1000th the diameter of a human hair. These nanofibers form a spider web-like structures which have dramatic advantages over conventional and natural filters due to their massive surface area, large numbers of pores, and tiny pore size.

Each mask filter is less than 1 mm thick but contains over 25km (15 miles) of nanofiber.

The inner and outer layers are made of all-natural fabrics — cotton, linen, hemp and flax.

Why did we use a nanotechnology filter in a mask?

Our nanotechnology filter enables us to offer two critically important mask features:

  1. Extremely high filtration efficiency for nanoparticulates, both when inhaling and when exhaling. This provides protection to you and to the people around you (we have a certification from Nelson Labs USA to substantiate the same)
  2. Extremely low breathing resistance – Comfort is of utmost importance when wearing a mask for 6–10 hours per day, and especially for staff and students for whom wearing a mask for 6–10 hours per day is the new normal.

What are the safety procedures for handling a mask?

  1. Wash your hands with soap or sanitizer before and after you touch your mask.
  2. Touch the mask only from the ear loops to wear and remove it.
  3. Avoid touching the outer or inner face of the mask since it may be contaminated.
  4. In case you do come in contact with these surfaces, wash your hands with soap, or use hand sanitizer immediately.

How can I disinfect the Airific mask from the viruses?

  1. Place the mask in the sun during the day, or air it in a fanned room in order to dry all the moisture on the mask.
  2. Use a UV sterilizer.

Note that washing a mask does not sterilize it.

Do we need to disinfect every time even if we use Airific mask for an hour or less?

If you have been in a crowded space, then you must disinfect after every use, regardless of the length of time you used the mask in that crowded space.

How do we know when an Airific mask needs to be discarded?

You will find it difficult to breathe through the mask, because breathing resistance will increase.
If the mask is damaged or the fit is compromised, please discard the mask.

What is the process for disposal?

Disinfect using the above process, and then throw the mask away.

What is the life of Airific Mask?

Airific masks are good for up to 300 hours use in conditions up to 150 Air Quality Index (AQI). In lower AQI conditions, the life of mask will be extended.