UNICEF Case Study

UNICEF Case Study

Providing clean and healthy air all year for our clients is our priority, especially given our air quality levels and more recently, COVID 19. UNICEF is one of our top clients and had reached out to us to help them tackle the issue of providing a healthy indoor environment for the safety and well-being of their staff. Nirvana Being was shortlisted through a tendering process to execute the best possible solution for the employees. This case study describes the processes undertaken by our team for infection control and maintaining a healthy indoor air quality within the building.

The brief

Clean healthy air has become the need of the hour for offices, homes, buildings, hospitals, malls and other indoor spaces.The main objective for our team was to maintain healthy indoor air quality in the UNICEF building in order to ensure health and wellbeing of the employees all year round. Our target was to reduce indoor air particulate matter by maintaining a PM2.5 level under 25 µg/m³ (or 90% below ambient PM2.5 level), and keep CO2 levels below 800 parts per million (PPM).

The solution

We believe it is crucial to have a proper ventilation system in place to prevent any aerosol or virus from getting transferred from an infected person to a healthy person. Ventilating for longer and opting for ventilation with higher airflow volumes help reduce the risk of catching illnesses. Therefore for improving the IAQ, we endeavoured to provide ventilation solutions to maintain indoor CO2 level under 800 parts per million. To achieve this, we installed 5 Treated Fresh Air Units integrated with MERV 14 rating Honeywell EAV Cleaners, F7 Mechanical filter Combined with Activated Carbon Filter. Additionally, weretrofitted their existingAir Handling Units (AHUs) with MERV 14 RATED Honeywell EAC Cleaners to provide the best filtration as it is important to install powerful air filters with a MERV rating between 13-16 to filter out tiny particles in the air.

We also identified zones within the UNICEF headquarters wherein the air quality in each zone is being monitored on a real time basis to maintain the wellbeing of all the occupants. This was done with the help of our IAQ monitoring system comprising of 7 Kaiterra Sensedge IAQ Monitors.

The result

After finishing the project, the indoor air quality was measured and compared with ambient air measurements. With the help of the above solutions, the AQI has improved significantly, and both the CO2 & PM2.5 levels are always under acceptable limits as per ASHRAE/ISHRAE IAQ Standards

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