US Embassy Case Study

Finding solutions to deal with the COVID-19 and air pollution has been our focus during these trying times. US Embassy, one of our top clients, reached out to us for an order of 600 Airific masks for their entire office. Trying to adjust to different environmental crises of Delhi, US Diplomats were finding it hard to get the right type of mask to wear at their workplace. Our team took over the scenario and came out with the best possible solution to help all the officials and diplomats of the Embassy. This case study elaborates the steps taken by us in contemplating the need of the hour for the entire team.

The Brief

The US Embassy was looking for the highest barrier against COVID-19. After careful scrutiny of our certification from Nelson Labs, USA, they were convinced that our masks would be ideal for providing maximum protection against the virus.

We believe the right mask should always have a high viral filtration efficiency, comfort and fit- and with the Airific mask, we aimed to provide all of the above. With our mask sizes ranging from small, medium, medium plus and large, we endeavoured to provide each and every employee with the perfect size.

The Solution

We provided the US Embassy with the Airific N95 Anti Viral Masks with a unique nanotechnology filter developed especially for COVID-19. The Embassy trusted us and claimed that the Airific mask is reusable, breathable and comfortable enough to protect them from all pollutants and viruses while looking stylish.

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