Air Pollution

Understanding Indian Air Quality Index(AQI)

In an attempt to make air quality measurement easier to understand, the ministry of environment and forests launched a National Air Quality Index (AQI). It will put out real time data about level of pollutants in the air and inform people about possible impacts on health. Government have added five more components to the new…

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Air Pollution: A Threat to Healthy Life!

It’s no surprise that air pollution is a serious threat to human health. With every single breath, you’re breathing nth amount of air pollutants with it. Even the low concentration of these pollutants can damage a lot in our body. Obviously, small kids are an easy target as their breathing capability is much higher than…

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Am I inhaling more CO2 by wearing a Vogmask?

There is a myth going around that you inhale more CO2 than oxygen when you wear an anti-pollution mask – by re-breathing your exhaled air.  For this reason, folks have ruled that it is unhealthy to wear a mask.  Right or wrong? Absolutely wrong!! To clarify, I’m going to evaluate the mask layer by layer:…

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