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How your house is making you sick?

Did you know that bad air quality can give you sleepless nights? Poor air quality in your home can negatively impact your sleep, energy levels, and cause irritation in your nose, sinuses and the back of your throat.   Yes, it is true; the bad air quality in your home can cause insomnia and many…

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Why buy an air quality monitor?

Sometimes we fail to see the obvious. We know that the air quality around us is not good, yet we do nothing about it. We shrug off the studies that suggest that contaminated air indoors is a great health hazard. We ignore the articles informing us about the ill effects of the bad air quality…

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Monitoor indoor air quality

How to fight the sick building syndrome?

The Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is not about the sickness of buildings. It is about the health of the residents of that building. When most people living or working in a building feel discomfort and feel relieved when going out of it, the SBS is present in the building. In other words, there is something…

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