Best Anti-Pollution Mask for Bikers in India

We all know that air pollution has severe effects on bikers’ health. The amount of bad air they breathe while on the bike is much more than the person who commutes by walk. Most people think that air pollution is only dirt and smoke but the truth is something else. The real culprit is PM2.5,…

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Do we need a pollution mask in India?

Though there is growing consensus among the scientists that the pollution is emerging as one of the major global problems and should be tackled on the priority, there is little or no effort on the part of the governments to tackle it with a sense of urgency. Mostly it is a knee jerk reaction and…

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How to select an effective anti-pollution mask?

We are already aware that the only remaining free resource that we consume in abundance – air – has turned toxic. It is estimated that we smoke 20+ cigatettes per day in Urban India, just by breathing. The most cost effective way to protect ourselves from its ill-effects is an anti-pollution mask. Wearing a mask…

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