COVID-19 – Risk Mitigation Solutions from Nirvana Being for Indoor Spaces

The COVID crisis forces the entire World to find a ‘New Normal,’ as we try and crawl out of lockdowns to re-start economies.

Nirvana Being has been at the forefront of science and sustainability on this subject, trying to lead with solutions to drive safety and to help ‘flatten the cirve.’

So let’s try understand COVID-19 – the three main methods of transmission are as follows:

  1. Air to Person
  2. Person to Person
  3. Surface to Person

1. To reduce Air to Person transmission, we need rock solid ventilation or air exchanges. This will dilute the viral load, if any, in the indoor shared spaces. We recommend installing treated fresh air(TFA) units(with filtration at source) which will help in infusing pure air by adding a constant flow of fresh outdoor air within the office.

In addition, installing filtration on the recirculating units(AHUs), will also lower the viruses, bacteria and particulates in the air, which is highly recommended.

Nirvana Being is a leader in the business of Indoor Air Quality with clients like American Express, PVR Cinemas, Fitness First, Belgium Embassy, Jindal Steel, and more.

2. To reduce Person to Person transmission it is imperative to follow strict guidelines such as the following:

  • Screening employees at the entrances – use of Infrared thermometers and pulse oximeters
  • Mandatory for employees to wear reusable anti-viral masks in the office
  • Hand sanitizers to be placed at key points, especially outside toilets

Nirvana Being has launched the World’s first reusable N95 Anti-Viral Mask, the Airific. It is also the World’s first mask with a Nanotech filter, which offers the highest viral protection and the lowest breathing resistance.

3. To reduce Surface to Person transmission, we recommend our office sterilization/sanitization program called Nirvana Pure, which has been developed by following the Center for Disease Control guidelines recommended for hospitals, whereby we do the following:

  • Ozone shock treatment for disinfection of microbes by oxidation
  • Cleaning and disinfecting by using US EPA certified bio cleaners and disinfectants
  • Electro-static spraying of US EPA certified bio-shield which will not allow any virus, bacteria or microbes to survive on the surfaces for a period of 90 days.

Want to certify that all our recommendations are sustainable and have no negative impact on the environment or human health.
Please reach out for more information about our solutions and if you’d like is to survey your home/office for the Air or Surface treatment.