High Viral Filtration Efficiency Powered with Nanotechnology




Science & Sustainability

Meets and exceeds the WHO and CDC guidelines on masks for healthy people

Providing internationally certified, sustainable and technologically advanced solutions to safeguard you against viruses, bacteria and pollutants

  • Nanotechnology FilterThe first face mask in the world that uses nanotechnology filter to trap even the smallest airborne particles.
  • Superb FitTwo different sizes (medium and large) to provide each user with the perfect fit.
  • Washable and ReusableSustainable with a life of 300 hours in conditions of 300 AQI.
  • Anti-Viral MaskKeeps out 96% of viruses and bacteria as well as >95% of particulate matter and contaminants.
  • Globally CertifiedLab tested and globally certified by Nelson Labs, USA.
  • Low Breathing Resistance Captures particles with a low pressure drop, making the Nirvana Mask extremely comfortable and breathable.


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Three Layer Mask

Three layer mask comprising of inner and outer layers made from all-natural fabrics and a nanofibre filter in the middle to provide maximum protection against particulate matter and contaminants.

Adjustable Nose Band

A secure nose band with an adjustable proper seal to ensure perfect fitting and comfort at all times.

Superb Fit

The filtering efficiency of a mask depends on a proper fit. Therefore, the Nirvana Mask is available in two different sizes (medium and large).

All Natural Fabrics

The mask is lightweight and made from all-natural fabrics namely cotton, linen, hemp and flax to provide a snug and comfortable fit and feel.


  • What does Nirvana mask protect you from?Nirvana Mask’s advanced technology protects you from >95% of particulate matter, contaminants and >96% of bacteria & viruses.
  • What is the Nirvana mask made of?The Nirvana Mask is a 3-layer mask. In the middle layer, we use an electro spun nanofibre filter infused with anti-bacterial additives to trap even the smallest airborne particles and filter down to 100 nanometers (0.1 micron) with a 96% filtration efficiency. The inner and outer layers are made of all-natural fabrics namely cotton, linen, hemp and flax.
  • Why did we use a nanotechnology filter in a mask?Virus and bacteria particles are spheres with diameters of approximately 0.125 microns. We needed a filter media that can filter down to 0.1 micron- that leaves nanotech as the only option. It offers highest viral filtration efficiency and lowest breathing resistance as comfort is key to wear the mask for long hours.
  • How do we identify that Nirvana mask needs to be discarded? You will find it difficult to breathe with it – the breathing resistance will become high.
  • What are the safety procedures for handling a mask? You have to wash your hands with soap/ sanitizer before and after you touch your mask. Only touch the mask from the ear loops to wear and remove it. Avoid touching the outer or inner face of the mask as it may be contaminated. In case you do come in contact with these surfaces, please wash your hands with soap, or use hand sanitizer immediately.
  • Do we need to disinfect every time even if we use Nirvana mask for an hour or less?If you have been in a crowded space, then you must disinfect after every use, irrespective of the length of time of usage.
  • What is the life of Nirvana Mask?Nirvana Masks will last 300 hours in conditions of 300 AQI. In lower AQI conditions the life of the mask will be extended.
  • Where do you need to wear your Nirvana mask?Pretty much everywhere. We now know from recent studies that a significant portion of individuals are asymptomatic and that even those who eventually develop symptoms can transmit the virus to others before showing symptoms. Essentially, you must operate with the assumption that every person you share a space with is infected, and vice versa.


Offering the highest level of protection, Anti-viral Mask with high Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) of 96%