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Top 5 quality masks to buy, based on public reviews

Ever since the pandemic hit, many have wondered what the right kind of mask is. While the N95 is the go-to, the government has now issued an advisory against using N95 masks with valve respirators, as they do not prevent the virus from escaping out. What is OK is the use of regular (fabric or homemade) masks. If you don’t have the time to make one at home, we’ve rounded up five affordable, quality masks you should purchase, based on public reviews.

“Awareness precedes change”,says Jai Dhar Gupta

Jai Dhar Gupta, Founder of Nirvana Being is best described as a serial entrepreneur who has built businesses in the US and India. He is passionate about Clean Energy and has developed businesses in Wind and Solar Energy space in India. Being an entrepreneur, he has started to test and develop a portfolio of credible environmental products that can help protect our families.

I have been a sort of whistleblower

Known as the man fighting Delhi’s increasingly toxic air with style, Jai Dhar Gupta, CEO of Nirvana Being, has single-handedly revolutionised the city’s fight against air pollution with his N99 masks known as Vogmask. The 45-year-old environmental entrepreneur/activist started selling pollution masks in 2015, after which there was no stopping him or his company Nirvana India Pvt Ltd.

Know your face mask

To celebrate the relaxations that have come with Lockdown 5.0, Priya Chaudhari threw her first party in three months on the eve of May 31. The 26-year-old graphic designer invited six of her closest friends to her home in Koramangala, Bengaluru. As the guests arrived in masks, they found a bag of fresh masks hanging at the front gate and a dustbin next to it.

Nirvana Being’s N95 reusable Airific masks are right fit and filter

Wearing a mask has become a norm post the COVID-19 outbreak, and many are trying to innovate with the regular face mask to become more efficient in the fight against the virus. Achieving success in this line is Jai Dhar Gupta, Founder of Nirvana Being, who has engineered the N95 reusable Airific mask, certified by Nelson Labs in USA and ITS Lab in India.

How to run in polluted cities

On the sidelines of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM), a group of runners stood outside the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium with a health advisory: “The message was — if you have shortness of breath or chest pain, just stop.

Nirvana Being launches ventilation solution Ventimax

Clean air solutions provider Nirvana Being on Wednesday launched Ventimax, an air ventilation product for home and office use.Ventimax pulls in air from outside, purifies it and replaces the existing air within a building that cannot be circulated.

My Unlock survival kit: Three things to fight Covid-19, and pandemic paranoias

The pandemic has literally grounded all of us. But even then we have to step out, move around and interact with other humans. And over the past few months, I have acquired some stuff that gives me the peace of mind that I am doing what it takes to protect myself and my family. And that is pretty much all you can do, along with staying at home as much as you can.