Nanotech AC Filter with Carbon
(includes filters for two Split ACs)

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The latest in our Clean Air arsenal, a DIY solution to turn your Split AC into an Air Purifier.

Simply add Nirvana Being Nanotech filters with Carbon to your existing split AC and turn it into an air sterilizer that removes contaminants with a >99.7% efficiency and PM2.5 with a 96% efficiency. In addition, the welded carbon filter will remove all volatile organic compounds(VOCs), odours and gases from your indoor space.

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Electrospun nanofibres infused with antibacterial additives to trap even the smallest airborne particles.  In addition, a carbon filter is welded to remove smells of food, chemicals,etc and well as harmful VOCs from paint on the walls, adhesives in the furniture, etc.

Exclusive nanofibre captures all airborne particulates and is certified to filter down to 100 nanometers(0.1 micron) with a 99.7% filtration efficiency.  Game changer, right?  Well, we think so, since it’s the nanoparticles between 50-1000 nanometers that are most harmful to humans.

  • The filters can be used with split ACs of any brand and tonnage.
  • Each packet contains filters for 2 split ACs.
  • Life of each filter is estimated at 200-500 hours based on the AQI conditions.

How to Use?

  • Open the front cover of your wall-mounted AC. Remove and clean the existing filtering screen.
  • Place the Nirvana Being AC filters vertically onto the center of the screens allowing gaps on each side. They cover about 80% surface of the existing filtering screen for optimal airflow.
  • Use the double-faced adhesive tape to attach the top of the filter to the screen and fold the bottom behind the screen.
  • Install the screen with Nirvana Being AC filters back into the air conditioner.

Country of Origin: India

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nanotech AC Filter protect from?

Nanotech AC Filters’ advanced technology protects you from >95% of particulate matter (PM) down to 0.1 micron, contaminants and >99% of other contaminants.

What did we use a nanotechnology filter in an AC Filter?

The Split AC is a simple solution that delivers tempered air in a closed room.  It already has a blower and suction to recirculate air.  The only shortcoming was that the plastic mesh filter only filters larger particles that are 10 microns and above.

With our new pandemic reality, we realized that the harmful particles are spheres with diameters of approximately 125 nanometers, or 0.125 microns.  We needed a filter media that can filter down to 100 nanometers or 0.1 micron – that left nanotech as the only option!

So, two reasons:

  1. Highest filtration efficiency
  2. Lowest resistance – this is very important as needed as solution that would not drop the air flow or impact the cooling ability of the AC.

 What are the safety procedures for handling a Nanotech AC filter?

We highly recommend the use of gloves each time you open your Split AC.  Also, wear gloves to install the filter as there could be harmful particles on your plastic mesh screen.  Only the Nanotech AC Filter needs change, you have to wear gloves to remove the old filter, and install a new one. 

Keep in mind that you cannot wash/vacuum the Nanotech AC Filter and reuse it.

How do we identify that Nanotech AC Filter needs to be discarded?

As the filter gets choked, it will become harder for the air to pass.  You will start hearing a louder sound from the air passing through the AC.  Also, visually, if the filter looks gray/black, it’s time for a change.

What is the process for disposal?

Please leave in the Sun for a couple of hours to disinfect and dispose.

 What is the life of Nanotech AC Filter?

The Nanotech Filter has a life of 200-500 hours In residential/office conditions depending on the Air Quality Index(AQI). On average, we expect a life of 1-2 months.

Where should you add a Nanotech AC Filter to your room?

Most of Urban and Rural India has a serious problem of air pollution.  Now, we have the added risk of harmful particles.

The Nanotech Filter solution is a simple DIY All-In-One solution to sterilize your room air and protect you, by simply adding this filter on your existing Split AC.  Can’t get simpler and more cost effective than this, can it?


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