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Suhel Seth

If you are interested in a serious mask which actually helps keep the pollution away, this is it!

Sunjay Kapur

The Airific mask has a nanotech filter for max protection. Love the design and breathability.

Ashish Dhir, 31 years

The elastic ear loops are of excellent quality and the fabric feels soft against my face. Everything is exceptional about the design and quality, as I expected from Nirvana Being.

Sanjay Chhabra, 42 yrs

I am convinced that the Nirvana Mask can help save the lives of our most high-risk population, our elderly.

Neha Kapoor, 52 yrs

Finally, a mask that is highly effective and comfortable for senior citizens. Strongly commend Nirvana Being for providing the perfect fit and high level of protection.

Priya Mittal, 37 yrs

Super light, easy to breathe, easy to don with a comfortable nose band. Very impressed with the quality and design!

Victor D’souza

I have searched for masks and have purchased many in the past. They have all been uncomfortable and have had gaps so the protection was never good enough. But the Airific Mask is the best, most comfortable mask out there that provides real protection!

Shyamli Sinha

My family and I swear by the Airific Mask! At first, I was a little hesitant about buying the mask because of its price. But for a high-tech mask that is reusable, washable and has a life of up to 200 hours, Rs. 1,199 is a small price to pay.

Alex J.

Soft fabric, great fit and comfortable. What more could one ask for in a mask? Thank you for the excellent craftsmanship and efficient service!