Why should you choose the Airific Mask, as your choice of protection from COVID-19?

I must take some credit here, our team at Nirvana Being saw a lockdown coming in India, as early as late January 2020.

We knew a few things then:

  • Masks would become an essential item
  • Masks with a filter with high viral filtration efficiency(VFE) would be optimal
  • Masks with super low breathing resistance would be desirable, especially in peak summer, as it would imperative to wear masks for 6-12 hours per day
  • Masks for healthy folks(for prevention) would need to be reusable
  • Masks would have to be built with natural, porous breathable fabrics–as the fibers in the porous material catch the virus particles, dry them out and break them apart, faster than a non-porous fabric.
  • We would need Indian and International certifications
  • We would need multiple sizes to achieve the best fit(which is imperative)
  • The solution would need to combine science and sustainability
  • Also, solution would need to combine fashion and function

How do we achieve all of these to hit this nail on the head with a near foolproof solution?  Well, we did, and it’s called the Airific!!

The Airific is the first facemask in the World that uses a Nanotechnology filter – this in itself is a game changer!!  I don’t want to list all the above again, but we achieved all of them, and in short order.

The Airific has been lab tested with viral and bacterial filtration efficiency of 99.7% by Nelson Labs, USA and with particulate filtration efficiency of >95% by a lab in India.

It has been certified already as a N95, FFP2 respirator and is reusable with a 200-hour life at an average AQI of 300.  At current AQI levels across India, we guarantee a life of 60 days assuming daily usage of 6-8 hours.

Here are a few different ways to sterilize the Airific:

  1. Using a UV sterilizer
  2. Putting it in a conventional oven for 30 minutes at 70 degrees Celsius daily.
  3. Sunning the mask in the day or airing it in a fanned room so that all the moisture on the mask is dry, which will kill any virus.

Keep in mind that washing a mask does not sterilize it.

Our patrons are used to masks with exhale valves, so must mention that frankly, the breathing resistance on the Airific is so low, that we didn’t feel the need for an exhale valve, out the door.

All our expertise of personal protection from contaminants in the air, has manifested itself in the form of the Airific.  The icing on the cake is that it is sustainably Made in India.

We are ecstatic with our very scientific and sustainable response to the crisis at hand and are working relentlessly on upgraded versions – hope to share more on the same in the coming months.

Be safe, India!!