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Am I inhaling more CO2 by wearing a Vogmask?

There is a myth going around that you inhale more CO2 than oxygen when you wear an anti-pollution mask – by re-breathing your exhaled air.  For this reason, folks have ruled that it is unhealthy to wear a mask.  Right or wrong?

Absolutely wrong!!

To clarify, I’m going to evaluate the mask layer by layer:

Filter: The Vogmask anti-pollution mask has an N99 filter with active carbon layer which prevents all the dirt and pollutants from entering into your lungs. Better out than in, right?

Valves: The Vogmask anti-pollution mask comes with a single or double exhalation valve. This is a one-way valve that shuts when you inhale air through the media filter, and it re-opens when you exhale the air – to release the exhaled CO2.

With the mask on your face, at most, you have 40-50ml of space between your face and the mask. With each breath, you inhale and exhale about 500 ml of air.  So, at most, you are re-breathing 50ml of air or 10% of your inhaled air.

According to specialists, this is good for developing higher lung function – like a training mask, as seen in the movie Pink. Doctors actually recommend masks that RE-circulate CO2 for athletes to improve their lung function and performance capability.


Conclusion: Not only does a Vogmask protect you from harmful pollutants, it also helps you to develop higher lung function.  Please be aware and protect yourself!

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