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Mace Pepper Spray Twist...

Rs. 595.00Rs. 745.00

Mace Pepper Spray Twist...

Rs. 595.00Rs. 745.00
Nirvana Being Mace Pepper Spray: Your weapon for self-defence!

We cannot deny that crime against women is increasing in our country. Women feel unsafe while returning home late at night or walking alone on the isolated road. Of course, Indian law provides strict punishments to curb these offences, and the legal authorities take immediate action as soon as they receive your complaint. But you should always be ready for self-defence and must protect yourself until you get help from the legal authorities. Rest assured! Our Nirvana Being Mace Pepper Spray is an effective tool to defeat attackers.

Usually made from various peppers like oleoresin capsicum and hot cayenne peppers, the self-defense pepper spray irritates and inflames the mucous membrane of the wrong-doer's eyes, nose, throat and lungs. This will temporarily impair the attacker visually and cause respiratory distress and a burning sensation in their skin, enabling you to safeguard yourself. At Nirvana Being, our range of pepper spray for women comes with a twist lock trigger that controls accidental discharge. It has a leak-proof nozzle and is lightweight. So, you can carry it anywhere you want.

Besides, our self-protection products have a stream spray pattern. It consists of 15 bursts and is refillable or replaceable. Also, our UV dye pepper spray leaves long-lasting residue on the offender, making the investigation or identification of the accused easy. Using pepper spray in India is legally permissible to prevent harassment of women and outraging their modesty. However, you must remember the following points:

  • Know the rules before you carry pepper spray on public transport.
  • The size of the spray matters for private defense. So, decide whether you need a pocket-sized spay or a larger one.
  • You must know beforehand how to use it on the attackers.
  • You must test the pepper spray before use and know the precautions to take if you are pepper sprayed.

At Nirvana Being, we offer the best quality products at a reasonable price. Drop a mail or call us at our helpline number to know the pepper spray cost.


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