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Sensedge Commercial - Price available on request, delivery time 4-6 weeks

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Price available on request, delivery time 4-6 weeks.  Please call on +91 9717689858 or email us at


Tested and certified by the RESET standard for accuracy, the Sensedge is fully compliant with various green building and air quality standards.


Customized measurement for any environment

With easily swappable and customizable sensor modules, the Sensedge is built to measure all parameters and pollutants in the air.


Low maintenance, high quality

The Sensedge is equipped with modular sensors that can be removed and replaced, completely removing the need to recalibrate and/or have to replace your monitor annually.


Seamless implementation

The Sensedge can easily be installed and connected to your building's control system using our open API, BACnet, Modbus, or other supported integration.


Meet reporting requirements

Create certified performance reports and receive notifications when your air changes. The Sensedge collects minute-by-minute readings and is directly exportable in formats recognized and supported by the WELL, RESET and LEED standards.

Technical Specifications:

Memory (store over 50 million data points)

Data Buffer

Multiple languages



SD Card Data Export




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