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What is the airific 2.0 made of?

The airific is one of the best pollution face wear and consists of three layers. In the middle layer, we use an electro spun nanofiber media to provide a higher level of safety and protection and filter down to particle sizes up to 0.1 micron (including respiratory droplets and pollutants such as bacteria, pollen and other allergens) as small as 0.1 micron in size.
Each face wear’s middle-layer media is estimated to contain over 25km of nanofiber in an area less than 1mm thick.
The inner and outer layers are made of all-natural fabrics namely cotton, linen, hemp and flax.


What are the safety procedures for handling the airific 2.0?

You have to wash your hands with soap/disinfectant before and after you touch your face wear. Only touch the face wear from the ear loops to wear and remove it. Avoid touching the outer or inner face of the face wear as it may be contaminated. In case you do come in contact with these surfaces, please wash your hands with soap, or use a disinfectant immediately.


How to disinfect the airific 2.0?

  1. Using a UV sterilizer
  2. Sunning the product in the day or airing it in a fanned room so that all the moisture on the product is dry will kill any contaminant.

Keep in mind that washing the product does not sterilize it. Also, please do not spray disinfectants on the face wear as it contains rubbing alcohol and may lead to discolouration of the product.


Do we need to disinfect every time even if we use the airific 2.0 for an hour or less?

If you have been in a crowded space, then you must disinfect after every use, irrespective of the length of time of usage.


How do we identify that the airific needs to be discarded?

If the fit is compromised in any way, so that all the air on the inhale is not being forced through the face of the product, then it is time to get a replacement. In addition, do replace your face wear if the breathing resistance becomes too high.


What is the process for disposal?

Disinfect following the above process and dispose.


What is the life of airific 2.0 ?

Airific 2.0 anti-pollution face wear offers up to 300-500 hours of usage depending on the care and maintenance.


The product is so lightweight, does it actually have a filter in the middle layer?

We use nanotech fibres in the middle layer, while the inner and outer layers are made with natural breathable fabrics. One of our metrics is to reduce the weight of the face wear to drive comfort with each version - the goal is to deliver a featherweight face wear, so the user doesn’t even realise that they have it on.


Is it a 3-layer face wear?

Yes, outer and inner layers are made using natural breathable fabrics and the middle is made from an electrospun nanotech filter. It is one of the best air pollution face wear available in the market.


Considering that the product has three layers, is it breathable and comfortable?

Based on test reports of inhalation and exhalation resistance from nelson labs, usa, the airific is one of the best air pollution face wears and is the most breathable one in its category with similar efficacy.


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