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''Beat Air Pollution with Style ' Your safety is taken care of.

Highly recommended for Senior Professionals, and a great solution for those that have beards or wear spectacle this mask has a tight silicone seal that prevents any air leak and is tested for 99.997% viral filtration efficiency by Nelson Labs, USA. You can wear it for long hours as it's highly breathable with adjustable neck straps along with anti fog ,replaceable filter ,washable reusable mask with premium protection .

O2 Curve Mask (9)

O2 Curve Mask

Rs. 1,995.00Rs. 2,995.00

O2 Curve Shell

Rs. 690.00Rs. 990.00

O2 Curve Valve Plugs

Rs. 345.00

O2 Curve Adapter for...

Rs. 145.00

Ear Loop Strap for...

Rs. 695.00

O2 Curve - Commuter...

Rs. 690.00Rs. 1,225.00

O2 Curve Mask Combo...

Rs. 2,399.00

O2 Curve Mask Combo...

Rs. 2,399.00

O2 Curve Mask Combo...

Rs. 3,049.00

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