Case Study – Nirvana Being
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Magnolia Blossom (MB) Case Study Leading garment exporter in Delhi NCR

The leadership at MB was concerned about the health impacts to its employees from the combined effects of ambient air pollution in Delhi NCR as well as the microfibers shed by all the textiles in their indoor environment.


Since about 50% of all clothing is made from plastic, the goal was to remove these microfibers/plastics that were suspended in the indoor air. The larger objective was to achieve Occupational Health and Safety compliance for their thousands of employees.


For the team at Nirvana Being (NB), the task was not only to remove all nanoparticles from the Indoor air down to 0.1 microns, but also monitor the levels in real-time to ensure health compliance. NB deployed its MERV 14-rated filters on all the ductable ACs of the manufacturing unit. This is a certified green building technology, that utilizes electro-static precipitation to capture suspended nanoparticles in the air as they pass through the AC unit. With a very low energy footprint, these filters have a capture rate of 80% down to a particle size of 0.1 microns on a single pass. In areas without suitable ductable AC units, the NB team utilized flush-mounted ESP machines that are ceiling-mounted.


Real-time monitoring was deployed by installing Indoor Air Quality sensors on all the floors of the manufacturing facility and sharing realtime data on large TV screens in the central lobby, thus facilitating complete transparency with the occupants.


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