Watter Bobble Carry Cap – Nirvana Being
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For the love of colors – Bobble Carry Cap is specially designed under the exclusive agreement by the famous multi-award winning designer Karim Rashid. It’s convenient and comes in a variety of poppy colors. Carry Cap Water Bobble is made up of 100% recyclable polyethylene terephthalate, which means using Bobble you are actually helping our planet by eliminating necessary waste. The soft-touch silicone carry cap comes handy when you are outdoors or on a trek as you can easily attach the carry cap to your backpack or purse. Carry Cap Water Bobble comes with a replaceable carbon filter in various jazzy colors.

Watter Bobble Carry Cap (5)

Bobble Sky Blue Carry...

Rs. 295.00

Bobble Red Carry Cap...

Rs. 295.00

Bobble Navy Bule Carry...

Rs. 295.00

Bobble Lime Carry Cap...

Rs. 295.00

Bobble Black Carry Cap...

Rs. 295.00

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