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9 Solutions to Use This Season to Breathe Pure

by Nirvana Being on September 17, 2021

Founded in 2015, the name Nirvana Being has become synonymous with sustainable, scientific and responsible clean air solutions to shield you from harmful pollutants/viruses in the air and allow you to live a healthy life, without compromising your lifestyle. We offer an array of products that protect you everywhere you go- both indoor and outdoor, including specialized masks certified by Nelson Labs, USA with 95% viral filtration efficiency, and air purification and monitoring solutions for homes, cars and centrally conditioned buildings to make clean air more accessible.

Airific 2.0 Masks

The 3 layered masks come with our nanotechnology filter in the centre which has been been tested to block respiratory droplets and pollutants such as bacteria, pollen and other allergens as small as 0.1 micron in size. Driving high comfort, these masks have been tested for extremely low breathing resistance, are washable upto 10 times and reusable for 300-500 hours. With classic and timeless designs for adults to wear formally or casually, they are also available in fun designs of Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Barbie characters for kids.

iD Mask

Engineered for low resistance and easy breathability during exercising and sports activities, these masks have a velvety soft silicon facial seal to keep pollution out and maintain comfort. With shatter resistant shield and electro-static cloud media, it captures pollution particles down to PM 0.3 micron. Its filters usually lasts 3 to 6 weeks if used 1 hour daily, depending on the kind of activity.

O2 Curve Mask

The O2 Curve Mask provides a snug fit around your nose and mouth even while you smile and talk and prevents fogging up of glasses and its medical-grade silicone provides exceptional comfort and faces seal.  They offer offers exceptional protection from airborne particles with a tight face seal and replaceable filters. With an efficacy to remove particulate matter down to 0.1 microns and blocks 95% of PM2.5 particles, The O2 Mask is fully washable and submersible and can withstand boiling temperatures for sanitation purposes.

Nanotech AC Filter

The Nanotech AC Filter is fitted with a welded carbon filter later to remove all volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odours and gases from your indoor space. The Split AC Filter is tested by Nelson Labs, USA, to filter down to 100 nanometres (0.1 micron) with a 99.7% efficacy as nanoparticles between 50-1000 nanometres are most harmful to humans. It is made using electro-spun nanofibers which are infused with antibacterial additives to trap even the smallest airborne particles. Life of each AC filter is estimated at 200-500 hours based on the AQI conditions.

My Purmist

A product listed by FDA and Health Canada as a Class 1 medical device, nothing matches the effectiveness and ease as that of Mypurmist ultrapure steam inhaler which comes with an instant germ-free steam plus a HEPA air purifier. Highly recommended for use as a respiratory preventive, it is also a natural sinus remedy and natural decongestants for immunocompromised people for relief from the discomfort associated with viruses, allergies, colds, coughs, and flu.


Ventimax pulls in fresh outdoor air from outside your room, through a pre-fitted HEPA filter, to draw in the filtered fresh air – like a window with a filter. It filters all PM2.5 out of the ambient air down to PM 0.3 microns and has the impact of creating a slight positive pressure in the room, so no polluted air can enter. The filter is replaceable and each filter should last 1-3 months, depending on the ambient AQI and Ventimax is Ideal for bedrooms, school/college classrooms, offices, meeting/board rooms, any other location that has poor or no fresh air intake.


The Airgle PurePal Clean Room (AG900) air purifier is specifically engineered for airborne infection control at hospitals, medical clinics and other health care facilities. Severe allergy and asthma sufferers, and those with other critical respiratory problems, will find the AG900 perfect for their needs. It is the world’s 1st and only photocatalytic oxidation technology that uses a catalytic metal plate, electronic component, a germicidal UV lamp and UV lamp ballast within one solo disposable module.  The Titanium Pro module safely breaks down harmful chemicals and odors, while effectively killing bacteria and virus as small as 0.01 microns in size. Equipped with 360-degree air circulation technology, Airgle air purifiers provide maximum airflow and speedy purification.

Laser Egg

Laser Egg uses laser-based light scattering to individually count particles as they enter the device, and calculate PM2.5 concentrations based upon these measurements. The Laser Egg 2 air quality monitor allows for extremely fast measurements, with high accuracy readings calculated every 0.1 seconds. The Laser Egg+ CO2 and Laser Egg + Chemical are powered by an array of highly accurate sensors and Kaiterra's innovative cloud-based calibration.


Tested and certified by the RESET standard for accuracy, the Sensedge is fully compliant with various green building and air quality standards. With easily swappable and customizable sensor modules, the Sensedge is built to measure all parameters and pollutants in the air.

With schools and public spaces opening up, it is more essential than ever before that you and your loved ones are well protected. Nirvana Being’s range of air filtration solutions for both indoors and outdoors will responsibly shield you from harmful pollutants and viruses present in the air, because no one is safe until everyone is safe. Breathe Pure and Stay Protected.


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