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A Comprehensive Guide to Wearing Face Masks for Office Workers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

by Nirvana Being on May 30, 2022

The world is doing its best to come back to normal life while managing pandemic situation. Wearing face masks in public places and at work, school, etc. is made mandatory to control the spread. Hence, it is important to learn about the office mask types and the ways to use them. To give you all details at one place, here is a comprehensive guide on using and finding the best office mask for office going professionals.


Types of Office Masks for Using at Work

Office mask COVID are designed in various types. The users must employ the best practices and suitable materials while wearing the masks depending upon the work conditions. Different types of the best office masks are:


  1. Airific N95 mask: N95 mask from Airific serves the need for the users who require higher breathability in the material as well as proper shield. The make of this mask is designed to offer robust protection against pollutants. For managing work in COVID-19 times, this mask works great for users involved in rigorous physical activity.
  2. Reusable and washable face masks: Office mask COVID is available in disposable variety for the workers who need protection from very small particles. Nanotechnology media of these face masks block the air-borne particles by 95%. Natural fibers form inner layer that offers advantage of skin-friendliness too.
  3. Custom design face masks: You can find custom designed office mask collection, too, when you need fashion and functionality rolled into one. The users can spice up their look even with the mask on and be fashion-friendly without giving up on safety during COVID-19 times. These masks can be used for about six months easily.
  4. FFP2 certified: Some best office mask like Airific are tried and tested solutions for covering faces. Promoted as community mask, this variety of office mask has BFE>95%. The same is tested at prestigious labs like Nelsons Labs USA where stringent norms for certification are followed.

Best Office Mask Can Be Cloth-Based Too: How to Select

While selecting an office mask COVID for various work environments, the users may find options available in cloth category too. The best office masks come with advantage of being washable and reusable. Here are a few tips to select the effective office mask.


  1. Amply fitting the face: A great office mask should snuggle fit on to the face and cover it from top of the nose to the below the chin satisfactorily. It should be fitting on the sides of the face so that the coverage is sufficient.
  2. Option of securing: The best office mask may have option of securing it with ties or the loop. These securing materials should fit on to the back of the ears comfortably yet securely. The ties may be secured behind the head or neck as per convenience.
  3. Breathable, multi-layer fabric: Multiple layers of fabric can promote the breathability as well as protection. The multi-layered fabric feature of the office mask offers it a comfortable appeal and adds a lot to its look.


Take some time out to read about the guidelines of office mask usage at work and pick the option that complements your conditions well. Managing pandemic requires collective approach and careful living. Do your bit by having the best office mask COVID for public places like office and keep yourself and others safe.


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