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Airific 2.0- The U.S. Embassy’s Mask of Choice in India

by Prashant Paul on March 25, 2021

For our team at Nirvana Being, finding solutions to beat COVID-19 and air pollution is our priority. We firmly believe the right mask during these trying times should have a high viral and particulate filtration efficiency (VFE & PFE), comfort and fit- and with the Airific mask, we aimed to provide all of the above. During the course, US Embassy, one of our top clients, reached out to us for the best protective solution for their staff members across the country.

Trying to adjust to different environmental crises, US Diplomats were finding it hard to get the right type of mask to wear at their workplace; one that would serve as the highest barrier against both COVID-19 and air pollution. Our team took over and supplied an order of close to 3,100 Airific masks, which are antiviral-cum-antipollution, to protect all the officials and diplomats of the Embassy. After careful scrutiny of our masks, certifications and test reports, the health department of the US Embassy was convinced that our masks would providethe highest protection against the ‘twindemic’. Also, with 5 mask sizes ranging from small, medium, medium plus, large and extra large, we had a customised fit for every staff member.

The Airific mask is reusable, breathable and comfortable enough to protect them from all pollutants and viruses while looking stylish. Made with a unique nanotechnology filter in the middle layer, the Airific mask can help trap nanoparticles > 0.1 microns in size (including the COVID-19 particle) as compared to other masks which can only filter particle sizes > 0.3 microns. The mask’s natural filtration also provides the highest protection from dust, ash, smoke, fumes, exhaust, odours, allergens, bacteria and pathogens- especially in a country like India where about half of all doctor’s visits are related to respiratory problems caused by pollution. Additionally, Airific has become the first reusable mask to be certified by CE as a community mask (the highest standard for a Community Mask in the World – CWA 17553).

The latest order of 900 masks from the US Embassy confirms Airific’s position as a ‘mask of choice’ when it comes to protecting protect U.S. government employees and their families from health and wellbeing threats posed by COVID-19 and air pollution.


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