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All masks are not created equal- Why Airific is a steal at Rs. 995

by Flying Saints Creative Agency on April 15, 2021

Most people who first come across the Airific exclaim “A mask for INR 995?! That’s too much for a mask!” But what these people do not understand is that a mask is something that directly impacts health and safety from COVID-19, and more importantly, air pollution. Therefore, you need of the hour is a credible product that checks all the boxes, meets and exceeds standards of the WHO, CDC and most importantly, the highest standards for non-medical masks, established by the European Union(CWA 17553:2020).  The Airific is exactly that product - the best of the best to protect you and your family. 


Take the example of branded medicines versus fake medicines. When you go to a doctor’s clinic and get a prescription, you will always see names of branded medicines, which instils trust and confidence in you. Now imagine if your doctor prescribed you a fake/ non branded inexpensive medicine. Just a mere glance at the medicine will not help you figure out if the medicine is fake or not. To add to this, now imagine if you are unable to find any information on the medicine in terms of reputation, efficacy or reports? Would you still have the same kind of confidence and trust while purchasing the medicine?


That’s precisely what we are trying to communicate through our blog. The Airific mask is a brand name under the parent company Nirvana Being. We have been in the clean air solutions business for the last 7 years and are known in India and overseas for our products and services. The Airific mask is a first of its kind antiviral cum anti pollution mask with a nanotechnology filter to trap even the smallest of particles, including the COVID-19 particle. We haven’t cut any corners in ensuring your comfort and safety. In fact, we have spent thousands of dollars in certifications and testing in Europe and the USA to give you a product that is scientific and genuine. Going for an unbranded mask is management by hope- but the Airific is an exact science. It is not a wish and a promise.


The Airific mask helps you find your new normal with confidence, but with unbranded masks you will continue to live in fear. Our masks have a special ingredient- the nanofiber filter- which helps you breathe comfortably, keeps you protected from harmful pollutants and viruses and makes you stand out in any crowd! So choose wisely, because your safety is in your hands.


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