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All You Need to Know About AC Filter Cleaning

by Nirvana Being on January 31, 2021

Like most appliances in your home, the air conditioner, too, requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning properly. But, most of us are not aware of how to go about it. AC filter cleaning is the most straightforward and easy method to keep the air conditioner in good shape. You can do the split ac filter cleaning yourself without a hassle to avoid extra costs. Most of us may not be aware of the importance of a clean air conditioner filter in our house. It is often overlooked because we may be underestimating its job to keep the household healthier. Let’s go through the basic things you should know about AC filter cleaning like how to clean ac filter and such.  Why Should You Clean the AC Filter? When you buy an appliance, you want it to run smoothly for an extended period. Air conditioners are not a frequent purchase, so keeping them in good condition is a priority. You can preserve the performance by ensuring regular maintenance such as by cleaning ac filter of your car. There are multiple reasons why AC filter cleaning should be a regular event. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Reduce Electricity Bills

If you put off AC filter cleaning for a long time, the dust and dirt will accumulate over it. The air conditioning system will have to work harder as a result of this. The exertion will require greater energy consumption, and hence, your electricity bills may be more expensive than usual. Having a clean air conditioner filter can help you avoid the extra costs that can pile up to a substantial amount. So, cleaning ac filter isn’t just good for your health but your pocket as well.

  • Steady Performance

As the system gets older, there are chances of reduced performance in cooling or heating. It may have to run for longer than usual to provide the desired effect. However, if you ensure regular AC filter cleaning, the performance quality can be maintained for a longer time.

  • Cleaner Air

Leaving the split AC filter unclean means allowing contaminants like dust particles, animal hair, mold to settle down on it. Without proper ac filter cleaning, the system will not be able to efficiently filter the air that goes through it. As a consequence, the air that you breathe in can harm yours and your loved ones’ health. There are greater risks of developing allergic reactions or respiratory issues if you avoid AC filter cleaning. That said, a regular ac air filter cleaning will help you avoid all these issues.  

  • Protect the AC from Damage

More often than not, the air conditioning system breaks down because of a lack of regular maintenance like ignoring ac air filter cleaning. But, when you make it a point to clean the split AC filter, it can be avoided to a great extent. A clean air conditioner filter means the system runs without unnecessary obstructions. With regular ac filter cleaning, it does not have to overexert in order to give a cooling or heating effect. Thus, the chances of damage to the air conditioner are lower with proper split ac filter cleaning.



How Often Should You Clean the AC Filter? Depending on the pollution levels of your area of residence, the frequency of AC filter cleaning may vary. In general, you should make it a point to check the condition of the split AC filter every three months. In more dusty and polluted areas, split ac filter cleaning can also be performed sooner than that. If the air conditioner is not in use for several months, make sure to clean it before using it again. A lot of dust can be accumulated in only a few weeks, which can cause health problems if allowed to flow in the air. So, cleaning ac filter should be your top priority to breathe clean air in your car.  How to Clean the AC Filter?

The process of how to clean ac filter should not be complicated, and to make it easier for you these are steps:

  • First of all, determine if the split AC filter at your home or any other kind of filter can be cleaned. Some air conditioners have disposable ones that need to be replaced after a while. In the case of replaceable filters, it is best to change them after three months of use.
  • Turn the air conditioner off to do the AC filter cleaning by yourself. Then, remove the external covering to access the filter.
  • You may need to use a screwdriver to reach the filter. Once you have found it, you can remove it easily and use a vacuum cleaner or wash it under running water or a hosepipe to get rid of the dust.
  • Put it back in place carefully to use a clean air conditioner filter and your ac filter cleaning procedure is completed.

This is your guide to how to clean ac filter that you need to follow to ensure the flow of clean air in your car. This makes it clear that the work of ac filter cleaning does require you to be a professional. Anyone can do the ac filter cleaning of their car, and all they need is a screwdriver.  So, proper ac air filter cleaning will not only help maintain the AC life but also save your money on the repairing needed for the damages.  


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