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An In-Depth Guide to Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by Nirvana Being on April 27, 2022

In pandemic times, there has been widespread interest in the subject of indoor air quality in public, commercial, and residential spaces, and its relevance to preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. 

However, awareness of indoor air quality and its impacts on health and wellness is yet to be widespread. As a result, many are affected by the negative health impacts of poor quality indoor air. And many don’t even know it. 

Awareness of the negative health impacts of poor quality indoor air often motivates an effort to monitor indoor air quality. Understanding indoor air quality assessment and monitoring is essential to ensuring clean air in indoor settings. That’s when the need of home air quality monitor starts arising. Read further for a complete guide to air quality monitoring in indoor environments.

Indoor Air Quality


What is Indoor Air Quality Assessment and Monitoring? 

To monitor indoor air quality is to gather data and assess data on particles, gasses, chemicals, and other pollutants present in the air in indoor spaces. 

While a common misconception persists that indoor air is cleaner and safer than outdoor air, indoor air can easily get stale, unclear, and toxic, making breathing in such air harmful. 

To monitor indoor air is simply to assess indoor air to ensure that it is safe and clean. An indoor air quality monitor system or home air monitor is often the preferred means of assessing indoor air quality. Read further to know more about these indoor air pollution monitors.

monitor indoor air quality


Indoor Air Quality Index and Indoor Air Quality Assessment Systems 

Indoor air quality monitors are devices used to gather data on the quality of air in indoor settings. These indoor air pollution monitors gather data which is then compared with a standardized indoor air quality index to assess whether indoor air in any setting is safe for breathing. 

It’s best to think of the indoor air quality index as a yardstick to assess the pureness of indoor air. After assessing through the indoor air quality detector, one can take proactive measures to ensure clean air for breathing if the results of an air quality assessment prove to be unsatisfactory.

The AQI (indoor air quality index) shown in the home air quality monitor assigns a numerical value to the quality of air in indoor environments. Higher AQI values shown in the indoor air quality meters indicate greater levels of pollution in indoor environments and greater threats to health and wellness. The AQI is divided into multiple categories, with a numerical value assigned to each category, to indicate greater threat levels as air quality deteriorates in any indoor setting.

Each category is color-coded to indicate a greater threat level. If the room air quality monitor reads AQI values at 100 and under are considered satisfactory, and indoor air valued as such is safe to breathe. The threat of breathing stale and polluted indoor air gets even greater as the indoor air quality monitor shows value higher than 100.

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Q: How does poor indoor air quality impact health and wellness? 

A: Exposure to polluted air in indoor settings can lead to headaches, fatigue, and irritation of the throat, nose, and eyes. Prolonged exposure can lead to respiratory illnesses and cancer. 


Q: How to improve poor quality indoor air? 

A: One can take various measures to improve indoor air quality including investing in air purifiers, keeping dust out, changing AC filters, using humidity controllers, and more.

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