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Are schools following the science on their masking strategy?

by Flying Saints Creative Agency on October 25, 2021

The education space in Delhi NCR has been forced to make some serious adjustments over the past 5-6 years as air pollution and now COVID has raised some serious health and safety concerns for our children.  Almost seems that the core focus has shifted from education to prioritising health and safety.

After a break of 18 months due to COVID, there is an increased pressure to re-open schools from Government and parents to return to a normal, with COVID.  The fact that schools, colleges are trying to open their doors at a time while children and still unvaccinated and the timing overlaps with peak air pollution season in North India, raises additional challenges.

While Government has repeatedly stepped in to close down schools in Delhi NCR over the past few years once AQI levels exceed emergency levels, some of the leading proactive schools of Delhi had created special taskforces focused on reducing the exposure of their children (to air pollution).

Faced with 2 looming challenges of COVID and air pollution, The Ardee School, a leading school in Delhi has taken the approach of procuring reusable N95 masks with nanofiber filters for their staff and students, custom manufactured with their logos and matching with the school uniform.

  Advantages of uniform N95 nanofiber masking at Schools are-

  • Uniform masks that are compulsory for everyone makes it a necessity and ensures that the same level of protection is maintained between every person within the school premises – since no one is safe from COVID, until everyone is safe!
  • N95 Nanofiber fitted masks in multiple sizes filter all the inhaled and exhaled air, are highly breathable, reduce air pollution exposure and mitigate COVID risk.
  • While masks are compulsory in all schools, masks of variable quality and safety increase risk

As parents and educators, it is important for you to ask the authorities of your child’s school as to what steps they are implementing to ensure risk mitigation and let them know these essential steps that schools like The Ardee School is taking and setting an example for everyone to follow.


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