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Beat the heat and keep yourself protected from pollution & covid with these summer essentials

by Nirvana Being on April 18, 2022

Clear signs that Climate Change has accelerated with the unseasonable heat waves in March and April.  Climate Change and air pollution are both largely driven by the rampant use of fossil fuels to meet our growing energy needs.  As a result, not only has the AQI been unusually high this spring, combined with the risk of a fresh COVID outbreak, clearly the health risks linger. Here are a few must-have items to keep you cool, safe, and protected this summer.


  1. Airific Car Cabin Filter

For those travelling by car, it’s critical to remove VOCs, aerosols, and nanoparticles from the car cabin. This is even more important if you carpool.  Essential to find a car cabin filter with Active Molecular Technology to remove dangerous particles from the air such as PM 2.5, PM 1, SOX & NOX gases, viruses, pollen, bacteria, and germs. The Airific Car Cabin Filter is your best bet.


  1. Nanotech AC Filter

Summertime in India, particularly in North India, is synonymous with terrible heat. When dust storms are thrown into the mix, the result is filthy air and high temperatures. This explains why DIY AC Filters, such as the Nanotech AC Filter, are necessary.  This DIY solution helps purify indoor air and combat summer heat. Because nanoparticles between 50 and 1000 nanometers are the most damaging to humans, it has been tested to filter down to 100 nanometers (0.1 micron) with a 99.7% efficacy. Nelson Labs, USA has also tested the Nanotech AC Filter for 99.7% Viral Filtration Efficiency. Each packet comprises filters for two split ACs, with each filter having a life expectancy of 300-500 hours depending on the AQI.


  1. Bobble

Most people rely on packaged drinking water when they go outside, but is it good enough to drink? Studies have proved that bottled water is not good for health. Let's not forget that these bottles are also pricey, on top of the fact that single-serve plastic is a nightmare for the environment. The Water Bobble, an amazing bottle that filters your water as you drink, is a great investment. It's a BPA- and PVC-free bottle that's certified in the United States, making it ideal for practically everyone – especially in the summer.


  1. Airific and Nirvana N95 masks

The only way to create a barrier for air pollution and virus is a well-fitted, reusable N95 mask.  Our masks combine fashion and function and are available in child and adult sizes.


There, you have it. Your 4 staple summer essentials to beat the heat, combat air pollution and Coronavirus. Order these now on our website.


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