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Best Amazing Ways to Relieve Sinus Congestion Naturally

by Nirvana Being on May 30, 2022

Sinus congestion is a painful health issue; those who have it can only tell about its discomforts. It is the cause of sensitivity to allergens mostly. The blocked sinuses don’t need any surgery thankfully. These can be decongested with remedies like natural decongestant and certain OTC medicines.


Natural Ways to Decongest Sinus

Natural Decongestant


Sinus congestion arises due to a condition called sinusitis. The patient has to find ways to clear the congestion caused by inflammation. Common symptoms include partial to full headache and pain in facial nerve of the affect part, stuffy nose and coughing. A few of the solutions worth trying are:


  1. Using decongestant: A solution made of natural ingredients can be applied as a natural decongestant for spraying into the nostrils. The use of natural decongestant opens the blocked sinuses and facilitates easy breathing.
  2. Breathing exercises: Breathe in deeply and breathe out with the same force. It is to be repeated 3-5 times. The breathing exercise is one good sinus remedy that can provide relief from symptoms. Care must be taken to breathe in through the nose while performing these exercises.  
  3. O2 mask: Sinus inflammation occurs due to polluted air too. Using O2 mask helps people manage living with this discomfort. These masks serve the protection needs of air travelers too. The users find a good support in oxygen masks that enable breathing in of clean air and manage sinus symptoms effectively.
  4. Rest: When you want any sinus remedy to work faster, you must couple it with a good amount of rest. Several symptoms caused due to blocked sinuses cause extreme discomfort. Those can be subsided when you rest amply.
  5. Sleeping on an elevated pillow: Sleeping while keeping head raised provides good relief from sinusitis. Stuffy nose, feeling light in head or headache and pain in facial muscles are some of the symptoms of blocked sinuses. Resting on an elevated pillow helps keep the nose unblocked. After a session with steam inhaler, and during the night, try to sleep in a raised head position. You will realize the change as the problem of disturbed sleep due to blocked nose will be settled significantly by taking this stance.
  6. Humidifier: Sinusitis worsens in dry air condition indoors. The humidifiers help maintain correct humidity levels inside. Optimal conditions enable managing sinus naturally. The moist air thins and dilutes mucus and stops it from stuffing the nose. Hence, using steam inhaler and installing humidifier at home can do the trick.
  7. Staying Hydrated: Having lots of fluids makes the mucus inside the nose thin and moist. This situation prevents microbial build-up in noise and protects sinus layer from infections. Thus, sinusitis patients are advised to load themselves with fluids.
  8. Fomenting with hot towel: Pain in one side of the face and sometimes swelling, too, occur due to sinus infection. Fomenting face with hot towel eases pain and inflammation considerably.

Steam Inhaler

Taking a harmless, natural sinus remedy is a good idea. Instead of relying solely on medications, it is advisable to try these remedies alongside. The overall impact will be quite far-reaching and capable of providing reliable solution for sinus-led discomforts.

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