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Children's Face Masks for COVID-19

by Nirvana Being on August 24, 2021

Covid masks for kids remain a simple but effective way to guard against COVID-19, particularly for youngsters who have not yet received the vaccine.

Why Do We Need To Wear Face Masks Anymore?

COVID-19 can be present without causing any symptoms. That is why wearing a face mask is still recommended, especially for youngsters who have not been vaccinated. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is less likely to spread when people use masks. Post two weeks, after receiving the final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, a child or adult is deemed fully immunised.

Is It Appropriate For Youngsters To Wear Masks?

Children could continue to wear a face mask and keep a safe physical distance indoors from persons they do not live with or who may have COVID-19 until they are fully immunised. Anyone who did not receive the vaccine should wear a face mask outside in big groups or when physical separation isn't practicable. With few exceptions, all children aged 2 and up can securely use face masks, including most children with specific health conditions.

However, kids under two should not wear a mask due to the risk of suffocation. Also, no one should wear a facial covering if they are unconscious or unable to remove it on their own.

When Should Children Wear Masks?

With rare exceptions, children aged 2 and older who are not completely vaccinated should wear masks at school, child care, or camp and when participating in group activities such as most indoor sports and outdoor sports that require close contact. They should also wear masks if they didn't keep a safe distance from others, such as in a grocery shop.

When travelling by plane, bus, train, or another type of public transportation and at the airport or station, everyone should continue to wear them. Ordering masks online is an easy thing to do.

If you have a medically fragile child or an at-risk adult in your home, you might wish to have everyone who is not entirely vaccinated wear masks at home to protect them.

How Can I Assist My Child In Becoming Accustomed To Wearing A Mask?

It is understandable if your youngster is initially apprehensive about wearing a mask. Here are a few suggestions to make them feel more at ease:

  • Talk about it in the mirror while wearing the face mask.
  • Dress up a beloved stuffed animal with a mask.
  • Personalise and have fun with them by decorating them with attractive masks.
  • Show photographs of other youngsters wearing masks to your child.
  • Make a drawing of their favourite character from a book.
  • To assist your youngster in becoming used to the face mask, practice wearing it at home.

It is better to answer queries from youngsters under the age of three in simple terms that they can grasp. 

If they inquire why people wear face masks, explain that they are occasionally required to do so to keep healthy.

What About Children Who Require Particular Medical Attention?

  • Children with compromised immune systems or health issues that place them at greater risk of infection should wear an N95 pollution mask to protect themselves.
  • Children with medical disorders impair cognitive or respiratory function may find it difficult to tolerate a face mask. Special measures may be required for these children.

What Is The Best Type Of Face Mask?

Most people can tolerate wearing face masks with many layers of fabric. Make an effort to find the appropriate size for your child's face. Adult masks usually are 6x12 inches in size, and even a child-sized 5x10 inch mask may be too big for little kids. Very young children may find it difficult not to fidget with their face masks, so be prepared to give your child plenty of gentle reminders. They will learn to obey directions if parents and peers encourage them to wear masks. Children will learn to wear Covid masks for kids correctly and frequently when needed, just as they understand the importance of wearing bicycle helmets and buckled car seats.

Do Remember

Ordering masks online and wearing them, in addition to physical separation, hand washing, and vaccination as soon as everyone in your family is eligible, is critical in preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection and dissemination. 

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