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Combo Offer! Ensure to Give You a Pure Breath Whether You Are at Your Home or in Car.

by Nirvana Being on August 22, 2022

You deserve pure air no matter where you are. The air purifiers serve their utility more when you are allergic to substances like pollens, PM 2.5 size particles and dust. These products can make the indoors or constricted spaces more habitable by circulating fresh air after sucking up the pollutants. Keeping the varying needs of home and car cabins especially in mind, the products like car cabin filter and split AC filter are designed.


  • Car Cabin Filter

The car cabin filter, as the name suggests, is suitable for the closed spaces like cars. AC of the car can suck in the dust and smoke from the traffic and make the interiors tough to inhabit. The car cabin filter is strategically designed to fit the AC area. It allows trapping of pollutants right at the entry point. 

Not a single travel instance should go without the car cabin filter installed. Else, it can sabotage all the results. It is advisable to buy combo car cabin filter pack so that you can get multiple units in single purchase.

While searching for the combo car cabin filter pack, you must consider the usage, the efficacy of filters and the general length of time spent in travel. These factors can help you have pure air inside the car cabin always.


  • Split AC Filter

The AC has become a basic necessity of the households in hot weather countries. This device does cool air indoors. How about changing it to the air filter so that the inmates get cool air which is pure too? 

There are several air pollutants that breed indoors due to humid conditions. Also, the contaminants like harmful VOCs, pollens, pathogens, PM 2.5, etc. tend to stay suspended in air. Breathing such air causes several respiratory diseases and allergies. The rooms in offices, and those in homes where AC is on most of the time, the split AC filter provides the best option to have clean air. It can be bought as combo split AC filter option if the usage is quite high.

Things worth considering while buying a combo split AC filter for rooms are:

  • Filtering capacity 
  • Area to be covered
  • Run time of AC
  • Extent to which room is exposed to pollutants
  • Number of inhabitants in room on an average

All these factors are useful in deciding the effective product needed for keeping the indoor air pure. With such solution in hand, people tend to fall ill less. Thus, for a better quality life, you must consider installing the split AC filter at homes and offices.

Summing Up,

The combo offers for split AC filter and cabin air filter provide good value for money. By using these products regularly, you can improve air quality indoors. No one wants to deal with air-borne infections and allergies. These products keep these allergens at bay. So, when you want air quality to be of top-notch always, make it a point to install split AC filters and cabin air filters in homes and cars.


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