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Combo Offer! Ensure to Let Your Kids Breathe Healthy & Drink Pure

by Nirvana Being on August 22, 2022

We all want our kids to stay safe outdoors. In the present conditions, when kids have started going back to schools and other public places, we need to put our guard doubly on. The intelligent approach lies in continuing to follow the guidelines that were laid down for pandemic management. To achieve that approach, we should send kids out with portable clean water and protective masks. 

It becomes possible if you put these two important things in kids’ outing bags.


  • Bobble Bottle

Bobbles Bottle comes with an in-built filter that is made of active carbon. This active carbon traps all the water contaminants and provide the water bottle that dispenses clean liquid only with every use. 

The best part of Bobbles Bottle is that the beverages can be refilled multiple times without worrying about changing the filter. The filter, too, is separately available for attaching to the bottle. This arrangement makes it easier for kids to have clean water wherever they go. The ease of carrying their personal water filter in the bottle helps you have peace of mind while kids are away.

The Bobble Bottle for kids has remarkable features, such as:

  • Low maintenance requirements helping mothers or guardians save time and still provide clean bottle to kids always
  • Conforms to NSF International Standard 42 yielding odorless, tasteless and chlorine-free water always
  • Active carbon filtration guarantees better water quality

These are available in combination with safety masks for kids at Nirvana Being.


  • Mask Combo Packs

Kids do need frequent change of masks. They are agile and super active and need fresh air to breathe without compromising on the safety. That is why, Nirvana Mask Combo Pack proves to be an effective product for kids. These masks are good for kids because of the following features:

  • Highly breathable fabric
  • Nanotechnology-based filter forming the middle layer
  • Adjustable nose wires and earloops
  • Easy and safe to use till 10 washes or minimum of 500 hours

Nirvana Mask Combo Pack provides three Bobble Bottles and three masks in single purchase. Thus, you get the stock suitable for a month’s use on buying this combination.

The best part of the combo pack is that the children are provided with essentials needed for a safe outing always as the purchase provides ample supply. 

Advantages of using these masks for kids are:

  • Better breathability to offer comfort
  • Skin-friendly, soft fabric suitable for kids’ use
  • Adjustable style to help kids have hands-free solution
  • Reusable, which helps avoid loads of masks at home

Masks and bottle form an effective combination for the kids who need staying outdoors for extended hours. So, these products available in combination at low cost help provide easy support to meet the kids’ requirements.

To conclude,

Shop for the best combination offers online and be well-prepared to helps kids resume with the normal routine. These combination offers of masks and Bobble bottle provide shopping ease. Also, the price advantage leaves the pocket smiling too. Visit Nirvana Being to find the newer and better combo offers designed while keeping regular requirements of kids in mind.

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