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Different Types of Pepper Spray and How to Choose the Right One

by Nirvana Being on June 06, 2023

People searching for self-defense solutions can find good support in pepper spray.  Self-defense pepper spray is available in different types and suits the needs of the users. With the help of pepper spray, one can disable the attacker and buy time to come out of an alarming situation. Let’s explore the different types of pepper sprays available in the market and a few tips to pick the right one in this article.

Types of Pepper Spray -

The pepper sprays are differentiated on the basis of functioning and the kind of stream it exudes. Some of the common types of pepper sprays are:

  • Mace Pepper Spray: It delivers 15 bursts and the spray may cover a range of 10 ft. This pepper spray comes with a twist lock feature that prevents accidental discharge. So, it is safe to carry it in a handbag with other items. Pepper of the highest strength as permitted by the law is used to make Mace Pepper Spray.
  • Fogger Spray: It creates a fog on spraying and diminishes the visibility for the attacker. This spray does not require accurate aiming as it targets the attacker as well as the surrounding.
  • Stream Pepper Spray: This self defense Pepper Spray does not spread the pepper stream laterally much, so it may require accurate targeting. However, due to the longer range of action, it captivates the attacker from a distance.
  • Gel Pepper Spray: If you are looking for a short-range pepper spray, this is the option for you. It is small in size as compared to others. It is suitable for indoor settings and the contents get stuck on the attacker when sprayed.

What to look for in a pepper spray

While shopping for pepper spray, you can look for features that offer ease of use and storage. Some of the points to consider are:

  1. Pattern of Spray: As is evident from the previous section, the spray is exuded in patterns like fog, stream, gel, etc. These patterns have different ranges of action. So, you can pay attention to a pattern that meets your requirements.
  2. Number of bursts: How many times the spray yields the content is worth knowing to assure that you have a working spray at the time of need. Mace Pepper Spray is an OC spray that delivers 15 bursts. Thus, the user must refill the spray after every instance of use.
  3. Dye or Gel: The function of dye is to create evidence that the attacker was involved in the incident. So, for furnishing the evidence, the spray helps the defendant.

To Sum up -

There are different types of self defence pepper sprays available in the market. Foam, gel, stream, and mace are the popular types. These may differ in the range of action and in the way the content is sprayed. Sprays require instant refilling so that it is never short of supply at the time of need. You can buy Mace type of pepper spray online at Nirvana Being where it is available at discounted rates.


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