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Everything N-95

by Nirvana Being on August 23, 2021

The N in an N-95 mask stands for ‘Non-Oil’ which means that the mask can be used in an environment where no oil particulates are present, and the 95 denotes the efficacy rate of 95%, down to a particle size of 0.3 micron. The medical disposable N-95 masks protect against the Covid-19 virus through their electrocharged outer layer that can attract and trap aerosol droplets. However, what is important to understand here is that this charge degrades once it is in use and has a life of up to 8 hours of usage only. The degradation happens when the mask is exposed to surroundings, which aggravates when used to respire in a warm and humid environment.

Traditional N-95 masks were made for one time usage purposes only because of potential contamination once the rapid degradation of their filter’s charge reduces the efficacy. Extended use and re-use of a N-95 mask meant for one time usage can have adverse effects including increase in effort while breathing, shortness of breath, lack of protection post degradation and spreading infections during use or while wearing or removing the mask.

While we see every mask packaging having the N-95 sticker and stamp, Honeywell and 3M are the only 2 genuine companies that make N-95 masks for one time usage, primarily for health and front-line workers.

To overcome the drawbacks of the traditional N-95 masks, reusable, nano-filtered masks have been created. Nanofibres are considered to make better filters because of mechanical and electrostatic interactions with aerosol particles, which are more competent in efficiently intercepting small particles. They have higher absorption surface areas which gives them a greater ability to capture droplets and particles. In most cases, with the increase in filtration efficacy, the pressure drops, making the mask less breathable, however, with nano filters, pressure drop is inversely proportional to the surface area of filter fibres, which makes the masks with nanofibers more breathable, as they allow more air to pass while maintaining their efficacy.

Nirvana Being is the only company in India that provides solutions based on nanotechnology to maintain the highest level of protection, with masks tested by Nelson Labs, USA with a viral, bacterial and particulate filtration efficacy of 96%-99%, while also fulfilling the company’s ethos of sustainability by developing washable and reusable masks that last up to 30 washes, or 500-600 hours of use.

With COVID as well as India’s poor record of communicable diseases (in general) and air pollution (winter is coming!), doesn’t look likely like the mask mandate is going anywhere.  For reasons such as sustainability, safety, comfort and value for money, makes a hell of a lot of sense to adopt a resuable Airific or Nirvana N95.  Be safe everyone!


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