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Evolution of Masks Under COVID-19

by Flying Saints Creative Agency on April 15, 2021

Early in the pandemic, many of us bought cloth masks to help reduce spread while reserving more effective, medical-grade masks for people at higher risk, like health care workers. But a year in, with increased mask production and a growing number of people vaccinated, is it time for us to upgrade our masks?


In the pre-COVID era the only mask category that existed and that people were aware of was N95 masks. However, various mask companies have upped their game post COVID as they realised that the N95 mask was simply not enough. When WHO issued a guidance for masks upfront at the beginning of COVID, the only option for the mask industry was to create and promote basic cloth masks. However, slowly and steadily there was a shift towards creating reusable N95 masks for the non-medical community. We at Nirvana Being made use of this opportunity to create masks for the greater good of the population with improved efficacy and the lowest breathing resistance using nanotechnology filters. In addition to the technology used, our masks are also made using natural fabrics and tasteful designs to encourage people to wear their personalities.


With people going out to public places after close to a year long period of social isolation, it has become important to wear better masks. Standard cloth and surgical masks might be around 50% effective in terms of protecting yourself and maybe that was good enough before when combined with social distancing and avoiding crowded spaces. An effective mask must have a middle layer with a high quality filter, a good fit, low breathing resistance and high level of comfort. The filter of the mask plays a critical role in its efficiency. It is also responsible for the life of the mask. Therefore, it is crucial to check for the filtration efficiency that it offers.


It is equally important for the mask to be comfortable and provide a snug fit. If there is a gap, the air will enter your body unfiltered, thus, defeating the purpose of the mask. A mask should have a sturdy nose wire to help it fit the natural contours of your face. There also shouldn’t be any gaps around your nose, the sides of your cheeks, or under the chin. Ultimately all the air you inhale and all the air that you exhale should go through the filter, and if it doesn’t—if it goes out the sides or through a vent—then you might as well not be wearing a mask. 


Another thing to consider is the breathability of the mask. Breathability and filtration efficiency may be on the opposite ends since filtration essentially means increased resistance. However, a good quality mask will have a comfortable balance allowing you to breathe well.


To conclude, we do not know how effective a vaccine would be in preventing COVID in the long run. But what we do know is that masks surely do work and are here to stay. So let’s educate ourselves and invest in the highest protection for ourselves and our families. The Airific 2.0 Mask by Nirvana Being is your best bet with >96% viral filtration efficiency, lowest breathing resistance and highest comfort (backed by certifications and test reports from the highest authorities). Make the right choice in your battle against Coronavirus.


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