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Five Products To Keep You Safe During The Third Wave

by Nirvana Being on July 29, 2021

The second wave of coronavirus had taken a heavy toll on India's population. Hospitals and medical facilities were struggling to keep up with the rising number of COVID-19 patients and the unfortunate and tragic accounts of deaths started rising with every passing day. Although the situation has definitely improved in India, experts predict a third wave in the coming months. During such times, it is we the people, who need to step up and take measures that can prevent the spread of the deadly virus. At Nirvana Being, we firmly believe that in the case of infectious pandemics like this, prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, every family must have the below listed products with them at all times to prevent another outbreak and to keep themselves safe.


  1. Airific N95 Mask

In case of masks, an N95 antiviral mask made using a nanotechnology filter such as the Airific mask is highly recommended. Airific has the ability to filter particles down to 0.1 microns including the COVID-19 particle. Moreover, the Airific mask is tested by Nelsons Labs, USA for a Viral Filtration Efficiency and Particulate Filtration Efficiency of > 96%, providing maximum protection. The mask also offers low breathing resistance and comes in 7 sizes to provide a snug fit and extreme comfort.


  1. PPE

At Nirvana Being, medical PPE is classified into three categories: eye protection, hand protection and body protection. Eye protection includes safety goggles. They can protect the mucous membranes of your eyes from bodily fluids. If the fluids make contact with the eyes, microbes within the fluid can enter the body through the mucous membranes. Hand protection includes nitrile gloves that protect your hands from microbes and minimizes the possible spreading of microbes. Our nitrile gloves are powder-free specialty gloves that contain natural rubber latex. In terms of body protection, we offer Tyvek Hazmat Suits which provide inherent barrier protection against virus and bacterial hazards and the perfect balance of protection, durability and comfort.


  1. MyPurmist

The MyPurmist Handheld Steam Inhaler is the world’s only steam inhaler and HEPA air purifier in one. The device is FDA and Health Canada listed as a Class 1 medical device is recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals for relief from congestion and discomfort associated with viruses, allergies, colds, coughs, flu and sinusitis.  With its Triple Germ Defense, the warm, moist steam that comes out of the steamer hydrates and opens sinuses while speeding the elimination of excess pollen, PM2.5 and environmental pollutants. Moreover, the device works on plug-and-go principle, making it extremely convenient to get your due dose of steam for quick and easy Covid rehab regime. The way it is designed, the way the heating works, the way the steam is generated and the way you even refill the Mypurmist 2 with sterile water ticks off the health and safety aspects to the fullest. 


  1. Ventimax

The transmission rate of COVID-19 is much higher indoors than outdoors, as the viral load is always higher in enclosed spaces; this transmission is greatly reduced by indoor air filtration and ventilation. To ensure proper ventilation in your homes and offices, you can buy a Ventimax which pulls in fresh outdoor air from outside your room, through a pre-fitted HEPA filter, to draw in the filtered fresh air – like a window with a filter. It filters all PM2.5 out of the ambient air down to PM 0.3 microns and has the impact of creating a slight positive pressure in the room, so no polluted air can enter.



  1. Airgle

If you've typed the phrase "air purifier" into Google lately, you've likely seen a wide range of machines touting terms like ionizer, electrostatic, air sanitizer, and activated carbon. While great for home or commercial office use, these machines are not what you're looking for when you have a high risk patient at home, or a patient with comorbidities, or someone seeking pulmonary rehabilitation that is immune-compromised. In such cases, what you need is a medical-grade air purifier with a cHEPA technology filter and Titanium Pro® UV module- namely, the Airgle Air PurifierTogether, these technologies remove particles down to 0.003 microns with an efficiency of 99.999% - far below the size of a COVID particle. Furthermore, Airgle air purifiers are the first in the world to deliver the highest CADR ratings with a 100 % sealed design. They create a sterile environment indoors by filtering all viruses, bacteria and nanoparticles, down to 0.1 micron.


While COVID-19 is highly contagious, we can only prevent it by staying vigilant and conscious of all the necessary measures. Government and health authorities can help provide us with necessary resources to treat the infection, but the responsibility of prevention lies solely in our hands.  And we all know that ‘prevention is always better than cure!’


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