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Here’s Why India Needs Higher Standards for Masks and Ventilation

by Nirvana Being on January 17, 2022

Two years ago, a previously unknown virus plunged humanity into an unprecedented global crisis that has transformed our daily lives. Leaders around the world started making claims about this virus, how to tackle it, and how to protect ourselves. Few of these claims are substantiated with scientific proof, while others have been proven to be false over time.

We at Nirvana Being believe in following the science. Therefore, all of our product offerings, from masks to filters and more, are made keeping science and sustainability in mind. We are all waiting to get back to life as we knew it before COVID-19 took over our lives. Moreover, it has been proven time and again that vaccinations cannot prevent you from getting COVID-19, so what is the solution?

The only 2 scientifically proven strategies to reduce risk and transmission are 3-layer masks with filtration efficacy and ventilation(in shared indoor spaces).  Unless we create improved standards and follow the science with these, we are bound to be stuck in time.  Vaccines, while may reduce severity of our illness are not the answer for breakthrough infections, so can’t depend on that alone.

With the introduction of the 3-layer nano fiber Airific N95 and Nirvana N95 masks for adults and children in 2020, we pioneered a new and much-needed category of masks. When you are purchasing a mask, it is important to consider three things- Filtration, Fit & Comfort. The higher the Viral Filtration Efficiency, the higher the protection. Nirvana Being’s Airific N95 FFP2 certified Mask offers > 96% Viral Filtration Efficiency and is your best bet during these trying times.

On the subject of COVID-19, if India hopes to reopen offices, cinema halls, malls, public transportation and schools fully and safely in the future, ventilation will also play a key role in the spread of the virus. This is because closed, crowded spaces with close contact have been consistently shown to be associated with spread; a combination of the three being often associated with super spreader events. The virus travels in clouds of particles that we emit when we breathe and especially when we speak. In a closed and poorly ventilated room, these aerosols can float and drift in the air for a long time, greatly increasing the risk of infection.

We at Nirvana Being have led from the front to create healthy indoor spaces in India that focus on safety and human well-being.  We design and implement end-to-end solutions, combined with real-time air quality monitoring to minimize infection risk.  Some clients include PVR Cinemas, UNICEF, American Express, Ardee School, JW Marriott and 100s of single homes and apartments.

But to truly make indoor spaces safe for human habitation, many buildings need a complete engineering overhaul. Until we make our indoor spaces safer, masking up indoors is here to stay, coupled with keeping indoors sparsely occupied.  Reach out to us for comprehensive solutions to ensure safety and healthy in your home/offices. Let’s all please #FollowTheScience!


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