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How to choose the best N95 mask for kids

by Nirvana Being on June 23, 2021

There has been a lot of discussion during the pandemic on whether kids should wear face masks or not. However, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the answer is a resounding yes. N95 masks for kids, especially if they step out of their bubble, will help slow the spread of COVID-19 in kids over two years of age. Are you also searching for the best mask for kids in India? This quick guide can help you choose the ideal kids N95 mask right away.

Having said that, N95 masks for kids should specifically meet the below guidelines.      

Provides Highest Protection and Tested for Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE)

As a parent, you want the highest protection N95 mask for your kids, preferably one which is fitted with a nanofiber filter and provides high viral filtration efficiency. We know from experts that vaccine efficacy is variable depending on which vaccine you take as well as when your last dose or booster shot was. Therefore, if you choose kids masks online with a high Viral Filtration and Particulate Filtration Efficiency, your kids will be covered regardless of the virus mutations or new variants as the particle size of the COVID-19 virus does not change.

Fits Snugly But Comfortably Against the Side of the Face

If you are searching for N95 masks for kids online, you must never compromise on the fit and comfort. An uncomfortable or tight fit can make it harder for kids to access air and a loose fit won't provide much protection. You should opt for Covid masks for kids that are available in multiple sizes to ensure a comfortable yet snug fit for your child. Thus, always buy child size N95 masks in India since they are specially designed to fit children. Also, if you are looking for N95 masks for baby, consider buying the smallest size. Thankfully, a good mask brand will show all the necessary size guide and specifications of kids masks online.

Offers Low Inhalation and Exhalation Resistance

Children are hyperactive by nature and like to run around and play which is why you need to be cautious about breathability while buying N95 masks for kids. Additionally, your child would not need to double mask if he or she is wearing a high protection Covid mask for kids. Double masking puts pressure on organs including the heart which makes it more difficult to breathe well. Therefore, it is not recommended in cities where the temperature exceeds 30 degree Celsius.

Reusable and Washable

Are you sure that the kids masks online are long lasting or environmental-friendly? Masks are here to stay for a long time, therefore you must choose a Covid mask for kids that is sustainable and lasts you up to a minimum of two months.

Nirvana Being are leading manufacturers of reusable N95 kids masks in India. While these masks are made in India, they meet and exceed global standards and are exported to countries in Asia, Europe and America. Their range of Airific N95 masks are made with a nanotechnology filter in the middle layer and tested (by Nelson Laboratories USA) to filter down to PM 0.1, the size of a  COVID-19 particle with >96% Viral and Particulate Filtration Efficiency. Priced at Rs. 995, they are made using RPET fabric (recycled PET bottles) and are reusable and washable with a life of up to 30 washes or four months.

Furthermore, the company manufactures Nirvana N95 masks for kids which have the same features and certifications as the Airific mask. Priced at Rs. 495 for a pack of two, these Covid masks for kids are made using cotton instead of RPET and therefore, have a life of up to 10 washes or two months. Nirvana masks, primarily created for kids, come in exciting MarvelDisneyBarbie and Pixar designs as they happen to be their official merchandise partners in India and South Asia.

To conclude, when it comes to your little one, wanting to protect them comes first. And when Covid masks for kids come in designs of their favourite Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Barbie characters, it sure is fun to dress them up! Looking for attractive and effective N95 masks for kids online? Choose from a wide range of best masks for kids in India on their website today.


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