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How to Choose the Best Safety Mask for Children When They Return to School?

by Nirvana Being on February 16, 2022

COVID-19 had restricted all of us from going out of our homes. However, with the recent relaxation in the safety protocols, we can go out again. With respect to this, several schools across the country are reopening. Soon, our kids will be on their way to physical classrooms. However, we must keep in mind that COVID-19 is far from over. The WHO is constantly warning us to maintain safety protocols. Thus, wearing masks will be essential for children. Therefore, using COVID masks for kids is recommended. But, your kids will need the best ones for adequate protection. We’ve listed a few points you should consider while buying a mask.  


  1. Protection Offered by the Mask

Protection against COVID-19 is essential for masks. Many carriers of COVID-19 are asymptomatic. Wearing a mask with an efficient filtration system protects kids properly. Experts recommend getting N95 masks. These masks use a 3-layer filter to protect your kid. The outermost and innermost layers, are made of cotton, linen, flax, and hemp. And the middle layer is made of nanotechnology media. This layer blocks airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns in size. It also ensures a filtration efficacy of >95%. 


  1. The Fit of the Mask

A safety mask for children needs to fit well. Several masks available in local stores come in a standard size. However, they are often too loose or too tight on the face. Using a loose mask will expose your child's mouth to viruses and pollutants. Contrarily, using a tight one will cause strain behind the ears. That's why we recommend you to check out online mask stores. Such stores offer masks in different sizes to fit all face types. You can get your kid a mask that fits perfectly. It ensures adequate comfort and safety. 


  1. Breathability

Kids are active individuals. Going back to school and meeting their friends will be an exciting experience for them. The natural urge to play during recess is something we understand. That's why we recommend getting a Nelson Labs inhalation/exhalation test certified safety mask for children. Any mask with this certification, has low breathing resistance. It ensures that your kid can play around without feeling short of breath! 


  1. Other Factors

Amongst other factors, aesthetics is important to children. That’s why you can buy Marvel, DC, Barbie, etc., masks for your kid. Such masks appeal to youngsters and also keep them safe. We also highly recommend getting masks that can be sanitised, washed and reused. 


Thus, as COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed and our kids go back to school, masks are essential. We recommend buying a mask that meets all the requirements. Nirvana Being offers a stellar range of masks. You can check out their collection of COVID masks for kids today. Get your child masks that are safe and comfortable to use. You can also surprise them with a mask that’s got their favourite Marvel, DC, or Barbie characters, printed on them!

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