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How To Improve Indoor Air Quality In Your Home?

by Prashant Paul on June 29, 2018

Sometimes the danger that can be seen and realized is not that harmful than the one lurking in the dark for which you are not even aware. Well, I am not talking about the suspicious guy in your home, I am talking about a far more dangerous element in your home – the air you breathe! That’s right your home air could be far more dangerous than the pollution outside. At least the outside pollution is visible – the dust from construction site, smoke from vehicles, etc. and so one can at least avoid it or take some remedial measures but inside your home there are so many things which make your home highly polluted and toxic which can give you and your family members a number of deadly diseases. The culprits could be the lead in your wall paint, radon gas creeping from your ground, your pet’s dander, VOC from stored cleaning agents, the kitchen smoke and so on the list goes on. These can be detrimental to human health and cause respiratory diseases, kidney ailments, and even cancer.

So, what to do is the million-dollar question, quite literally as you may end up spending your hard-earned money on the treatment. First of all, do a mental audit of your home. Just think of any peculiar smell that makes you uncomfortable, the cracks in your ground from where radon leaks in, stored cleaning agents and so on. You could buy a Laser Egg Air Quality Monitor, device that monitors the air quality indoors. It is small enough to fit in your palm but very effective and accurate in telling you the PM 2.5 levels -the particulate matter less than 50 microns present in your premises. Laser Egg Air Quality Monitor India is one of the most elegant and precise instrument to measure the indoor air quality.

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If the air quality of your home is in danger zone, then it would be a good idea to buy an indoor air purifier for central air purification of your home. Apart from that, you could take a number of steps. To begin with, improving the ventilation in your home; how often your windows open and do you allow smoking in your home are some important questions you must ask yourself. Do you store huge quantities of cleaning agents because it makes sense to buy them in bulk? Don’t save on that, if you must store it in open area like your rooftop, balcony etc. Next thing to do is to improve the performance of your kitchen smoking outlet.

Even after these precautions you indoor quality does not improve then it is highly recommended that you buy an air purifier which can take care of your central air purification, especially if you have old people or children at home.

Go for strong exhaust or heavy-duty electric chimney that should take care of your lot of respiratory problems which are caused due to smoke. Smoking should be avoided at all times indoors. Plug in the leaks in the ground and walls and maintain 30 to 50% humidity in your home, too little or too much moisture is certainly not good for your health.


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