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Am I inhaling more CO2 by wearing a Vogmask?

by Nirvana Being on November 10, 2017

There is a myth going around that you inhale more CO2 than oxygen when you wear an anti-pollution mask like the vog masks – by re-breathing your exhaled air. For this reason, folks have ruled that it is unhealthy to wear a mask. Right or wrong? Absolutely wrong!! And you should definitely buy n99 vogmask. That said, to clarify, I’m going to evaluate the mask layer by layer: Filter: The Vogmask anti-pollution mask has an N99 filter with active carbon layer which prevents all the dirt and pollutants from entering into your lungs. Better out than in, right? So, ten points to the vogmasks. Valves: The Vogmask anti-pollution mask comes with a single or double exhalation valve. This is a one-way valve that shuts when you inhale air through the media filter, and it re-opens when you exhale the air – to release the exhaled CO2. With the vog mask on your face, at most, you have 40-50ml of space between your face and the mask. With each breath, you inhale and exhale about 500 ml of air. So, at most, you are re-breathing 50ml of air or 10% of your inhaled air. Another, ten points to vogmask that come with exhale valve .According to specialists, this is good for developing higher lung function - like a training mask, as seen in the movie Pink. So, a vogmask come with exhale valve is for your own good. Doctors actually recommend masks that RE-circulate CO2 for athletes to improve their lung function and performance capability. Conclusion: Not only does a Vogmask protect you from harmful pollutants, it also helps you to develop higher lung function. So, buy n99 vogmask today, and break the vog mask myth.  Please be aware and protect yourself! Tell your loved ones the benefits of using the vogmasks to help them ensure safe breathing.Looking for an online store to buy n99 vogmask? Nirvana Being is the right place for you! The Nirvana Being Vogmask is the highest selling anti-pollution masks in the market. This vogmask come with exhale valve for better CO2 exhalation. Get your Nirvana Being Vogmask at an affordable and protect yourself against the growing pollution.Why Nirvana Being Vogmask?

  • The vogmask come with exhale valve comes in both single and double valves.
  • You can buy n99 vogmask at the comfort of your home with the prouct delivered to you.
  • Nirvana Being Vogmask offers protection against harmful particles that are microscopic in size.
  • The vogmasks are stylish and look great on you while providing you protection against the pollution.
  • The vogmasks show almost 100% efficacy.

So, a vog mask gets a green flag! 

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