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Monsoon Madness and the accompanying health risks

by Nirvana Being on June 08, 2022

After the dry and hot summer, everyone across the Indian subcontinent looks forward to the monsoons.  However, this welcome change of season comes with its own set of health problems.

Monsoon brings with it multiple air-borne infections that are transmitted by tiny pathogens (disease-causing viruses) through the air, resulting in the common flu, viral fever, cold, cough, and sore throat. They are mostly mild and can cause minor infections in adults.

However, being highly transmissible, it is prudent to adopt clean air solutions as follows:

  1. Airific Car Cabin Air Filter – removes pathogens and PM2.5 from your car cabin
  2. Nanotech Split AC Filter – For offices, homes, classrooms, and clinics
  3. Airific N95 and Nirvana N95 masks to be used in crowded and shared indoor spaces

Combined with all the other risks of air pollution and the pandemic, best to maintain a preventative stance with a focus on health, hygiene and well-being.

Be informed and safe everyone!


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