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Mypurmist 2: The only Steam Inhaler& Air Purifier in One (recommended by doctors)

by Nirvana Being on June 01, 2021

Dealing with the second wave of COVID has not been easy; especially for all those living in India. The fear and anxiety has had us scrambling for medicines and equipment based on half knowledge, be it via friends and family or WhatsApp messages. However, one important part of COVID prevention and rehabilitation is making steam inhalation a part of your daily routine. And this is where Mypurmist 2 comes in.

Some of you may question why you need a steam inhaler which costs you Rs. 9,999 when you could simply get a much cheaper one in the market. A few things to consider while steaming are ensuring you use sterile water and using a steamer fitted with a HEPA filter so you inhale pure air (that’s where the name PurMist comes from). The product is FDA and Health Canada listed as a Class 1 medical device and is recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals for relief from congestion and discomfort associated with viruses, allergies, colds, coughs, flu and sinusitis.  With its Triple Germ Defense, the warm, moist steam that comes out of the steamer hydrates and opens sinuses while speeding the elimination of excess pollen, PM2.5 and environmental pollutants.

Further, with this steam inhaler, there is no chance of the water splashing out or even scalding hot drops emerging right on your face; thereby ensuring maximum safety. The steam also emerges in a very controlled manner and you will barely waste any steam. In fact, you can also control the level of mist and heat that comes out of the inhaler. The way it is designed, the way the heating works, the way the steam is generated and the way you even refill the Mypurmist 2 ticks off the health and safety aspects to the fullest. And at no point do you interface with the water in the refill packs or the steamer itself, which ensures that the purity isn’t compromised.

The attention to detail is perhaps best testified by the little HEPA air purifier that is built into the Mypurmist 2. Basically, when you are breathing in steam, you’re supposed to take deep breaths. That means pulling in more ambient air into your lungs. The Mypurmist 2, near where your face sits, has an air purifier that throws out filtered air which you’ll immediately breathe in.

    Specifically on the point of Ultrapure sterile water refills, these refills are filled with sterile water that are free from virus, bacteria, allergens and any other water borne pollutants. Why sterile water? Sterile water is free from any living form that may be present in the water. These living forms can be bacteria, fungi, protozoa and its spores. Sterile water has an important role for medical and irrigation uses. It helps avoid the risk of contamination compared with regular water. Therefore, we at Nirvana Being recommend you err on the side of caution by breathing in the purest air from the purest water. After all, you wouldn’t want to inject steam derived from unclean and impure water deep into your lungs.

    To conclude, the Mypurmist is the most convenient and innovative product that makes the age old natural remedy of steam inhalation safer, faster and efficient.  You’re not going to get that from a steam hot bowl of anything, trust me we’ve been there with the towel over our head and the whole bit.


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