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Mypurmist – an ultimate solution to support Covid Rehab

by Nirvana Being on June 10, 2021

There is hardly anyone left who has not heard about the role of steam inhalation in respiratory tract diseases’ treatment. The steam inhalation process helps keep the nasal tract moist, and also works effectively to remove congestion. But, the whole process becomes very cumbersome when the correct apparatus or product is not in hand. Thankfully, the best solution is provided by Mypurmist. It is an FDA approved and Health Canada listed class 1 medical device.

Advantages of using Mypurmist

Say ‘No’ to the lengthy and hassled process of boiling water on stove and inhaling the steam. It does require a lot of effort, and there are chances of infection too. Mypurmist is a handheld steam inhalation device that works on plug-and-go principle. The users can simply put the device on and get their due dose of steam for quick and easy Covid rehab regime adoption.

Advantages that Mypurmist provides are:

  1. Easy set-up
  2. Safe handling
  3. Effective steam inhalation process
  4. Easy and effective solution to achieve mucolytic effect
  5. Easy cleaning, and almost nil maintenance needs

What all you get when you buy Mypurmist

Mypurmist is a thoughtfully designed, handheld device for steam inhalation. This product has surpassed the toughest of quality parameters and is embellished with features, such as:

  1. Steam inhaler fortified with HEPA air purifier: The air purifier fortified with HEPA offers an exceptional quality respiratory disease remedy. Its well-conceived filter design delivers the best results required to make the overall regimen adoption easier and result-oriented.
  2. Water ampules suitable for the device: The puremist device can work much better way when the water used in it is untampered. The quality of water does have a positive impact on the overall working of the device too. That is why, this handheld steam inhaler comes with water ampules or refills which can be poured into the device. This water supply is sufficient for about 40 sessions.
  3. Aromatherapy capsules: Sometimes, only steam generated from water is not enough. Results can be far better when you fortify water with mucolytics and mind-relaxing solutions. The handheld steamer comes with such capsules that can be added to water and reused, too, as instructed. The capsules’ content when poured into water works as natural decongestant and helps patients maintain better living conditions.
  4. Spill-proof water filling: The ampules’ nozzles are designed to fit the device correctly and the water can be injected, thereby, helping the user to have a mess-free way of having steam anytime, anywhere. Also, the levels are pre-defined, which help to maintain the safe conditions so that the device does not suffer from short-circuits or any other mishaps.
  5. An air-purifier support: Apart from providing and easy steam inhalation support, the users can employ it as an air-purifier It is a proven fact that immunocompromised people need exceptionally clean and germ-free living conditions. This steamer is provided with air filters of international quality that help people maintain desirable ambience in room.
  6. Easy on-off and regulatory switches: Mypurmist offers a quick-to-use solution for inhaling steam. The device comes with a power switch, and there is a speed regulator provided too. The user can simply put on the device and regulate the steam flow for better comfort. The users need not make special arrangements. They can inhale the steam while reading a book or talking on phone too.

How immunocompromised people can use Mypurmist

The process to use Mypurmist is quite simple. You can follow these steps to find how one can make the best use of this natural air purifier:

  1. Fill the device with sterilized water. It can be used for 40 inhalation sessions.
  2. Turn the device on.
  3. Start inhaling the steam.
  4. You can regulate the steam output, too.

It is quite important for immunocompromised people to have solutions which are assigned exclusively to them. That is why, the devices like Mypurmist prove their utility the best when a person needs to remain isolated and quarantined. The patient can use this device without any help or supervision. Since it is exclusively assignable, the chances of catching or spreading infection are reduced to almost nil too.

To conclude,

It takes a lot of planning but positive thinking to while designing the Covid rehab or recovery plan for any kind of respiratory disease. The devices like Mypurmist can make your journey to wellness easier. Try this device right now and share with us how you found this product. You can order it online here.

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