Nirvana Being launches Spider Man N95 Masks
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Nirvana Being launches Spider Man N95 Masks

by Nirvana Being on December 11, 2021

Our friendly neighbour is back in town with ‘No Way Home’ and we couldn’t be happier. While in the movie, our favourite marvel character will be fighting evil, the real heroes will be all wearing N95 masks to protect from the 2nd and/or the 3rd wave and air pollution.

As everyone is moving through the re-opening phase of the coronavirus pandemic with schools, universities, institutions, offices, etc opening in full capacity after the winter break, the importance of wearing tested and certified N95 Masks could not be of any greater importance than it is right now, as they create a barrier and stop the spread of coronavirus and other communicable diseases. While the country is still recovering from the carnage of the Delta variant, we have the new Omicron variant in multiple states of the country, which has shown in recent studies to have a greater impact on children, more so, since they are unvaccinated.

As per CDC guidelines, kids above the age of 2 need to wear a mask. As parents, guardians and wards, we should consciously inculcate masking etiquettes in children in a manner that they would enjoy and understand, since they will be stepping into shared indoor spaces for long durations in the near future.

With the Spider-Man, No Way Home movie releasing on December 16, 2021, Nirvana Being, India’s leading clean air solutions company, has launched the coolest N95 Spiderman masks as their official mask merchandise partners. With their favourite marvel character, kids will actually be excited to keep their masks on. The N95 Airific and Nirvana Masks by Nirvana Being, are both anti-viral and anti-pollution for an all-round protection, tested and certified by Nelson Labs, USA. With the lowest breathing resistance, they are extremely comfortable to wear for long durations. Also, they are washable and reusable for up to 300-500 hours of usage. In addition, these N95 Spider-Man Masks come with adjustable ear loops and nose strips to give a snug fit, keeping all the safety measures in place while also looking fun and stylish.

Masks are here to stay for a long time; therefore, you must choose an N95 mask for yourself and your loved ones that is tested & certified, sustainable, wearable, stylish and fun. Step out of home with confidence and send your little super-heroes fully armed to protect themselves with their own weapons, a tested and certified N95 Mask, now available with designs of their favourite Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Barbie characters.

Remember, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, so get your Spiderman Masks with N95 safety today, because No One is Safe Until Everyone Is Safe.


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