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Parents, here’s the best ‘back to school’ mask in the World

by Prashant Paul on December 10, 2020

Usually when schools reopen after a long summer break, ads offering discounts on backpacks, notebooks and pencils begin to pop up on television and online. But soon enough, during a pandemic that has school officials agonizing over how and whether to safely reopen, masks are bound to appear among the glue sticks and glitter as essential back-to-school items. Schools are clearly breeding grounds for infections and viruses and labelled aptly as high risk environments.

Every parent wants their child to go back to a structured learning environment, however, is worried about safety, not only the child’s, but also of the eventuality that the child may bring the virus home to the parents/grandparents. For schools, its clearly down to masks, ventilation, social distancing, hand washing, all the typical recommended protocols. Let’s face it, the only real barrier is down to the masks. And with morbidity and negativity surrounding us, masks often have a very negative connotation to them- more so for children.

This is where we come in with our latest innovation- the Airific 2.0 mask powered by nanotechnology, and design. The Airific 2.0 is antiviral, antipollution and antibacterial with a filtration efficiency > 96%(tested by Nelson Labs), yes, slightly better than a N95. Our masks are available in 25 different designs and 5 different sizes to provide a contoured fit for every face type. They are also extremely comfortable with 80% lower breathing resistance(tested by Nelson Labs) as compared to other masks(with filters) in the market. Now that we’ve crossed the safety and comfort challenges, how do we get kids excited about wearing a mask? Well, we’ve have recently partnered with The Walt Disney ™ Company; the most exciting brand for kids and adults.

We’ve made a morbid protective tool exciting with all over patterns of their favourite Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters. So, if any parent reading this is worried sick for his or her child’s safety, trust us- once you get your child one of our masks, he or she will never want to remove it! We all are living in an uncertain times and sending our kids to schools in ordinary surgical, cloth or even N95 masks will not help protect them. The Airific hits all the goals for a parent – safety(tested and certified), comfort, fit, and a child who feels like a superhero and wants to keep their mask on!


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