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by Nirvana Being on May 07, 2021

The second wave of coronavirus has taken a heavy toll on India's population. Hospitals and medical facilities are struggling to keep up with the rising number of COVID-19 patients and the unfortunate and tragic accounts of deaths are rising every passing day. During such times, when the country's healthcare system is crumbling, it is we the people, who need to step up and take measures that can prevent the spread of the deadly virus. At Nirvana Being, we firmly believe that in the case of infectious pandemics like this, prevention is always better than cure.

The specific focus of preventive measures is more on the susceptible population of children, healthcare providers, and older people. Many of the people practice safety measures without proper knowledge as to whether these measures are sufficient or not to prevent the spread of the virus. It is therefore highly relevant to be aware of the preventive measures for COVID-19 to practice it effectively.

The primary preventive measures to be implemented are the regular practice of hygiene, social distancing, avoiding person-to-person contact, judicious use of masks, proper ventilation, and quarantine. The transmission rate of COVID-19 is much higher indoors than outdoors, as the viral load is always higher in enclosed spaces; this transmission is greatly reduced by indoor air filtration and ventilation. To ensure proper ventilation in your homes and offices, you can buy a Ventimax which is a device that pulls in fresh, filtered air from outside your building through a pre-fitted HEPA filter, to create an air exchange. If you have a Split AC, you could also opt for our Nanotech AC Filter, a DIY solution that turns any Split AC into an air purifier, filtering virus, bacteria and PM2.5. Additionally, we have a range of Airgle medical air purifiers that create a sterile environment indoors by filtering all viruses, bacteria and nanoparticles, down to 0.1 micron. To create healthy indoor spaces, we also recommend installing mechanical ventilation and filtration solutions based on our survey of the HVAC infrastructure of your home/office.

Similarly, in case of masks, an N95 antiviral mask made using a nanotechnology filter such as the Airific mask is highly recommended. Such masks have the ability to filter particles down to 0.1 microns including the COVID-19 particle. For high risk environments, masks made with a silicone seal such as the O2 Curve Mask are ideal. And in case you need of a mask for sports use, the idMASK, our specialized sports mask, is the best you can get. Also, get yourself and your family a steam inhaler such as the MyPurmist Handheld Steam Inhaler, world’s only steam inhaler and HEPA air purifier in one. The device is FDA and Health Canada listed as a Class 1 medical device.

In addition to the above, you must always keep yourself hydrated and practice personal hygiene. Think hard about the consequences of entertaining folks indoors, from outside your bubble. Studies say a large population among us does not show symptoms and consequently, the asymptomatic people can continue to spread the infection at home, at a faster pace.Masks, like vaccines, will be more effective in reducing transmission rates only when very large sections of society are compliant, particularly in indoor spaces. This is the time to be at home, not invite anyone over and avoid stepping out unnecessarily. However, if you do gather, aim for outside. If you are indoors, take precautions such as ventilation and masking up.

While COVID-19 is highly contagious, we can only prevent it by staying vigilant and conscious of all the necessary measures. Government and health authorities can help provide us with necessary resources to treat the infection, but the responsibility of prevention lies solely in our hands.


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