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Safeguard your little one from the pandemic and pollution with quirky masks

by Nirvana Being on September 21, 2021

The pandemic presented a range of unprecedented changes for the entire world. Where some people struggled to live a healthy life, some scrambled with their livelihoods. But, the children were the worst hit. At an age where they should have explored the outside world and ingrained education at school, they had to confine their lives within the four walls of their home. Well, staying inside has become a mandate for being safe, but if you want to take your kids out, they need to wear a reliable mask that can protect them and the littlest ones from the virus. Children being quirky in their choices, finding the perfect mask can be difficult. Thankfully, now you can integrate the element of fun in their masks and let your little ones play safely. Why keep your kids’ masks boring when you can get quirky and adorable Covid masks for kids?

There are thousands of fun and “quirky” designs that you can choose from. Kids hate to wear masks, and there are undoubtedly numerous reasons for it. But, thankfully, now you can make your fussy little one wear a mask by getting them some creative, pretty designs. The patterns being quirky will definitely make itself your kids favourite. Whether it is about getting them their favorite action figure masks or the pretty princess ones, here is a multitude of benefits of getting attractively printed N95 Covid masks for kids. Dive in to get one for your littlest one too!

Beat the virus in style

Most kids and, especially little girls hate wearing masks because they don’t go with their outfits. The harsh truth is: masks are designed for safety and not style. But you can get masks that can do both for the little ones. When you get beautifully printed unique and "quirky" masks, your kids will love to put them on because they can flaunt their masks. With merchandising prints from Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, or Pixar, your kids will absolutely love their new protective masks being quirky in designs, and they will wear them all the time.

Comfort is the key

Kids are very judgmental when it comes to comfort. They won’t do a single thing that will make them uncomfortable, and being suffocated by a mask definitely tops the list. Moreover, making your littlest one wear a mask is a tough job. But, when you get breathable masks specifically made for kids, they can be comfy. So which is the best one for your little ones? The kids' masks are made according to the small faces of your little ones and most of them are adjustable, so they will not be too tight or loose. So, the protection against the virus comes in a range of “quirky” lovable designs.

The bottom line

However, when you are shopping for Covid masks for kids ensure to go for the best available brand in the market. In addition to being quirky in style, the masks should ensure a 100% protection. When you are choosing something for your little bundle of joy, you need to be extremely cautious. The mask should be safe while not being too tight for the little one. Besides, the fabric of the mask should be skin-friendly as well, so that your little one won’t stay irritated the whole time when they are wearing a mask.

Fortunately, you can get stunning mask combos from Nirvana Range. All the Covid masks for kids have a Nanotech filter in the middle layer, and they are made according to the N95 standards. Besides, they are highly breathable, washable, and reusable while being equipped with adjustable ear loops. All the masks are tested by Nelson Labs, USA, so your kid remains safe with their cute masks on. These are available even for the littlest one in adorable “quirky’’ designs.


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