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Say No to Your Second-Hand Smoke

by Prashant Paul on September 01, 2017

I love to live in my second-hand smoke – said no smoker ever Second-hand smoke or passive smoking is something which exhaled from a smoker’s lungs or from his cigarette. Can you imagine spending an hour in a room filled with thick smoke? I can’t. Trust me, there is no risk-free exposure to your second-hand smoke. It’s dangerous to you even for a brief moment you invest in it.

Your second-hand smoke does not only raise your risk of getting allergies, asthma or heart diseases but also increase the risk of kidney cancer, brain tumor, and cervical cancer by 30%. Maybe right now it sounds nothing to you, but it’s true that inhaling even the slightest amount of your second-hand smoke can bring significant changes in your blood, blood vessels, and heart rhythm.

Now you can do various things that might help with your second-hand smoke like; opening windows, breathing exercises, steam baths, healthy food intake, etc. But are they that effective? The truth is these solutions have their limits, and can’t really be enough to get rid of every particle of that eerie second-hand smoke. So, how can an air purifier help remove the second-hand smoke? You may know how an Air Purifier works, and that it helps in removing mold, pollens and allergy generating molecules from the environment, but did you know that it helps in removing your smoke from the air as well? Well if you didn’t then surprise! Your air purifier is not less than a superhero. The HEPA filter and the activated carbon are the two superpowers that your air purifier uses to eradicate smoke from the air.

HEPA filters are actually the filters that were originally designed for scientist and doctors to prevent them from any chemicals reaction and emission. These filters are tested to remove any particle range from between 0.3 to 99.97% microns. So, these are basically the best when it comes to wiping out any effects and odors from your second-hand smoke even before they spread in your room.

The activated carbon, on the other hand, is extremely porous and can absorb almost anything which passes through it. So, while the HEPA filter plays out its role, activated carbon helps it to smoothly execute its act. So, if you can’t stop smoking then at least play smart and get an air purifier to stop living in your own second-hand smoke.