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So, what is breathing resistance and why is it important in a mask?

by Nirvana Being on April 22, 2021

Breathing resistance is an unnatural resistance created by putting an object in the path of the breathing passages.  Whether it’s a cloth mask or a 3-layered mask with a filter as recommended by WHO, if it seals your face (which is highly recommended), then there is a resistance on the inhale as all the air is forced through the filter and on the exhale as all the air once again is pushed out through the filter. 

A lurking respiratory virus that enters our body through our breath has forced a guidance from the WHO and CDC for N95 masks or 3-layer (with a filter in the middle layer) community masks.  The need of the hour is to filter all inhaled air to protect the wearer and filter the exhaled air to protect all the others in the shared indoor/outdoor space of the mask wearer.

Here’s the problem – the masks create a resistance, so there is an additional effort to breathe which puts pressure on our organs, especially our heart.  This makes the mask really difficult to keep on for long hours, a problem that is further precipitated by higher temperatures in countries in the tropics.  Also, masks with high exhalation resistance lead to a carbon dioxide build-up and the re-breathing of the same leads to many health conditions including but not limited to hypoxia, hypercapnia and even CO2 narcosis in extreme cases.

For this reason alone, the numero uno option is masks with nanotechnology filters – they offer the highest protection and the lowest inhalation and exhalation resistance.  At Nirvana Being, we have engineered the Airific mask range with these nanotech filters, sandwiched between a really porous, breathable and lightweight inner and outer natural cloth layer.

Keep in mind that the more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to keep your mask on over longer periods on, driving safety. 

Be safe everyone!


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