Soha Ali Khan: Breathe Safe with Nirvana Being’s N95 Masks
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Soha Ali Khan: Breathe Safe with Nirvana Being’s N95 Masks

by Nirvana Being on November 09, 2021

For Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan, the safety of her family holds precedence above everything else; and for that, she only trusts Nirvana Being’s Airific N95 breathesafe masks. She and her family use the Airific N95 and the Nirvana N95 range of washable and reusable masks by Nirvana Being, which comes backed with nanotechnology filters, efficient against both virus and pollutants. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Soha Ali Khan has widely advocated the use of masks to keep the virus at bay through her social media channels and other avenues. She is to be always seen with a mask on her face whenever out with her family and friends.

As a celebrity with a significant fan following, she has been diligently playing her part in spreading social awareness regarding the COVID safety protocols. Her entrusting the Nirvana Being N95 masks for the breathing safety of her family attests to her act of putting safety and quality above all.     

The Story of Nirvana Being

Nirvana Being is India’s first-ever clean air solutions enterprise, headed by Founder, Jai Dhar Gupta. The enterprise is the result of a cause that has always been close to Jai Dhar Gupta, which is, offering solutions to the Indian people to battle the degrading air quality of the country. India has the worst record of air pollution in the world. 

As if the rising levels of harmful carbon emissions was not enough, in February-March 2020, the country encountered a new, more powerful and deadlier enemy to the human body; the novel coronavirus. With no vaccine to immunize the masses at the time; the WHO asked people to wear N95 masks to keep the virus from infiltrating the body.       

In the months that followed, hundreds of new and old brands launched their version of N95 masks, ranging from 3 layers to 6 layers of filter. However, the efficacy of those masks against the virus is quite debatable. 

As the first-ever clean air solutions enterprise, Nirvana Being launched its range of N95 masks comprising state of the art nanotechnology filters. According to Jai Dhar Gupta, “Our N95 masks are effective against both the virus and air pollutants. They have a filtration efficacy of >99% against pollutants (PM2.5 – 0.1 microns) and >96% against viruses. These masks are lab tested and certified in the USA, Europe, and India.

Nirvana masks fight the virus effectively. With tested efficacy, people would breathe more safely, ensuring their well-being.

He further added, “During the COVID-19 phase it was concerning to see people unable to access the best quality N95 masks due to the high price range. Keeping that in mind and acknowledging the fact that we live in a world where masks have become a necessity than a luxury, Nirvana Being has reasonably priced of the masks, making it affordable to the people.” 

At Nirvana, the virus is kept at bay and breathing carbon clean air is assured. Wearing the masks helps to breathe clean for the well-being.

Since launch, the masks have received great reception and rave reviews from the people. Along with these breathesafe masks, Nirvana also offers Sensedge mini air quality monitors to check the indoor air quality. This Sensedge mini air quality monitor is easy to install can be mounted on a dry or concrete wall. To ensure that you breathe carbon clean air, Sensedge mini will display accurate readings of the air quality.

Soha Ali Khan’s association with Nirvana Being  

Like everyone else, Soha Ali Khan was also in search of a superior-quality and breathesafe mask when she came across Nirvana Being. 

I love the fact that these masks are so breathable and comfortable to wear not just for us adults but for children as well. They also have some great designs, along with availability in different sizes. Even without COVID, given the air pollution situation of the country, masks have become a basic need for all. Buying a quality product is the least we can do to save ourselves and our loved ones”, she commented. 

To ensure carbon clean air breathing, both Sensedge mini air quality monitor and breathesafe mask go hand in hand. Nirvana is the anti-virus protection people need.

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